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Fish skeleton triple stitch applique design – perfect for little boys

Fish skeleton machine applique design

Fish skeleton machine applique design

I have recently turned my sister on to machine appliqué and I might have created a monster.  She has now made three different versions of the tunic dress with the flower initial appliqué.  (I mean – does your daughter really need three of the same dress?… but whatever).  Now that she has become addicted to appliqué she is clamoring for more designs.  I am happy to oblige as she has become a great test stitcher for me.

Since my sister has just one daughter and two sons she has been asking me for designs that might work for the boys. Her requests (plus an upcoming birthday party for one of my son’s friends) has motivated me to make some “boy” designs.

I am not sure where I got the idea – but I thought it would be cool to make a fish skeleton applique. It just seemed sort of cute and a little bit edgy.  I found a great graphic from which to base my design and I set the file up as a triple stitch applique.  I then stitched it out on a navy blue t-shirt. For the applique fabric I used one of my husband’s old t-shirts, and I did all the stitching in a bright green thread.   It turned out so great that I immediately posted it on my Etsy store.

I hate to classify designs as being gender specific, however when I showed my girls the t-shirt I made with the fish skeleton on it – neither of them were very interested.  I mean – they are not girly girls at all but, still this design held no appeal.  Hopefully the recipient of my t-shirt will think it is super cool as well as may other little boys or girls.

Firecracker applique design for my daughter’s Fourth of July t-shirt

Firecracker applique t-shirt

Firecracker applique t-shirt

Here’s the deal when you have two little girls: if you make a Fourth of July t-shirt for one of them, you better plan on making one for the other one. Whipping out another appliqué t-shirt is no big deal, I just didn’t want to stitch out the same design twice. Time to digitize something new for the Fourth of July!

The fabric I purchased at Citycraft in Dallas was absolutely perfect for a red, white and blue appliqué design but I wanted to keep the shape simple because the pattern itself is a bit busy.  I decided to digitize a simple firecracker design and stitch it out using my cool new fabric.

I think the shirt turned out great.  But most importantly, big sister, Adelaide, loves the shirt, and both girls are all set with Fourth of July outfits.

I loved this design so much that I saved it out in two different sizes and uploaded it to my Etsy store.  It’s on sale this week for just $1.

Check out the firecracker appliqué design on the Machine Embroidery Geek store



Western star machine appliqué design – Monday’s free embroidery design

Western Star Applique Design

Western Star Applique Design

Once again it is free machine embroidery design Monday, and today – the file that I am offering is a triple-stitch appliqué design of a western star.  I created the file over the weekend and stitched it out on a t-shirt to make a birthday gift for a little boy (friend of my daughter’s).

The triple-stitch applique design is ideal for knit fabrics.  You stitch down the appliqué pieces and then trim – leaving a bit of excess fabric outside the stitching line.

If you have been following the blog or have checked out my designs on Etsy, you probably have noticed that I like Old Western iconography, and this Western star design fits squarely in that category.

The only caveat with this design is that it requires a bit of careful trimming.  I actually laid the white inset star pieces down separately, because I though it would be easier to trim.  This required me to stop the machine after it tacked down each piece and then set down the next one.  After doing this I think it would be easier to lay down one piece of fabric covering the five inset pieces and then trim around all 5 of the small pieces.  It’s a quick design to execute but does require some trimming.

I hope you all like it.

Download the Wester Star Design.

Oh – and if you like bargains… I am offering 2 new $1 designs on my Etsy store this week.   The Mr. and Mrs. pillowcase embroidery design, and the star in heart appliqué design.