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Inspiration Sunday: I am inspired to digitize by Heidi Klum’s sweater

I decided to start some theme days on this here blog and the first one is… (DRUM ROLL, PLEASE)… “Inspiration Sunday”  Sunday with it’s traditional holy and day of rest focus  seems to be the perfect day to sit back, relax and talk about what inspires me.  So here goes.

Now with that set up you are probably expecting to hear that I was inspired by something deep.  But well no – not exactly.  This week I was inspired by the design on Heidi Klum’s sweater that she was pictured wearing in US Magazine.  (And yes – judge me –  I sometimes read US magazine).

Love in Star - Perfect for Digitizing

Love in Star – Perfect for Digitizing

The star graphic with the love writing inside is just up my alley and oh so perfect for digitizing.

I mocked it up in PhotoShop and digitized away. I made it an appliqué file so the star could be filled with an appliqué fabric.  Here is the resulting design stitched out.  I think it will look great on t-shirts, sweatshirts, you name it, baby.

Love in Star sample file stitched out

Love in Star sample file stitched out

Now you see – lesson for today – reading US magazine is educational and inspiring.  Happy Sunday!

Upgrading my dish towels with my own machine embroidery design. It’s about time.

Dishtowel embroidered with Initial

Dishtowel embroidered with Initial

I am currently going through the process of stitching up a several of my favorite embroidery designs that I’ve digitized over the past few months to get them ready to sell on my ETSY store. One of my favorite designs that I have created so far is the modern initial wreath design I made a few months back. Perhaps you might recall the red placemats I made for my mother-in-law embroidered with the modern wreath initial design?

I thought that this design might be more versatile if I made another version in a smaller size, as I know many people are limited by the size of their hoop. This smaller version would be great for pillowcases, purses, small towels, or….wait for it DISH TOWELS!

I was actually inspired by my sister’s monogramed dishtowels that I noticed the other night hanging from her dishwasher in her kitchen. As I admired her dishtowels – I thought.. life is too short to live with ugly dishtowels.

Now I just so happen to have some of the UGLIEST dishtowels in the world. I think I must have inherited them from the previous owner of our house, because I swear I never bought something so hideous. But now it’s time to move onwards and upwards. $3 at Target for my new towels and a little time with my embroidery machine and now my kitchen looks a whole lot cuter!

Ugliest dishtowels ever

Ugliest dishtowels ever

This design is now available on the Machine Embroidery Geek Store