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The eight petal flower appliqué design on a sweatshirt – so psyched about this super cute design!!

Cute flower applique on sweat-shirt

Cute flower applique on sweat-shirt

Well – I finally did it.  Maybe you recall MONTHS ago when I wrote a post about getting inspired by the flower within the Belk logo? I finally created an appliqué design based on this flower and OMG – I think it turned out so cute.  I can’t say who this sweatshirt is for – just in case certain people might be reading this blog.  But I think this is right up her alley.

I bought this sweatshirt at Old Navy a few weeks ago with the idea of creating this type of design and stitching it out on this sweatshirt.  Luckily – due to the fact that I bought boat loads of fabric this summer at cool independent fabric stores, I had the four pieces of fabric that actually coordinated with each other and the sweatshirt.  I actually think I bought this fabric at Sewcial in Madison, WI with the intention of making tiered skirt for one of my girls – which may still happen since I only used a tiny bit of the fabric.

I have to admit – this design is a bit of a pain to stitch out since all of the petals need to be trimmed before the finished satin stitching is done.  But I think the pain is worth it… don’t you?

Check out the modern 8 petal flower machine applique design on the Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store

Another flower initial appliqué on the Walmart dress with a bit of a color challenge.

Applique tunic dress with initial monogram

Applique tunic dress with initial monogram

Another weekend, another birthday party. Today I am feeling grateful for having purchased about 117 cotton striped tunic dresses this summer at Walmart, because I was able to pull off a super cute and personalized birthday gift for a friend of my daughter’s (Virginia) at the last minute. (117 was an exaggeration by the way – but I have quite a few of these little dresses.)

These dresses came in a few different colors: navy, pink and orange, so I purchased all three versions in a bunch of different sizes.  Both my sister and I have appliquéd on these dresses with my groovy flower initial design.

Apparently we aren’t the only people who thought these dresses were cute.  Some of my machine embroidery Facebook friends had similar ideas.  One woman posted a picture of the orange dress with some black Halloween appliqué designs – which was really cute. But I had something less seasonal in mind.

An orange dress with burgundy stripes is a tricky color to match with complimentary appliqué fabric. I could find not find any cute print scrap in my sewing room that complemented those colors for any potential appliqué idea.  So I decided to introduce a new color – hence the turquoise, and I think it works.

Well the dress was a hit.  The Monday after the party I got an email from Virginia’s mom.

How cute is the dress! V wore it to school yesterday!!! Thank you 🙂

Notes like this make it all worthwhile, don’t they?

My copycat big sister is all over my my new fish skeleton applique design

My sister's execution of my appliqué designs.

My sister’s execution of my appliqué designs.

Here’s the thing about big sisters… it takes A LOT for them to admit that they like something that their little sister produced.  I speak from years of experience being a little sister and now even more years of experience as a mother of two girls.

My sister has an embroidery machine like me, but has never ventured into appliqué until she saw the nautical dress I appliquéd with my groovy flower initial design.  When I saw her this weekend, she had used the flower appliqué design twice and was swooning over my new fish skeleton design.  So I sent her a bunch of the files I created to try out.

This morning I received the following text:

Love, love, love the fishbone!!! How cute did these turn out? So much fun.

Followed by a request for more designs:

So… Juan Carlos and Liliana came by with their apron design… they want that black bull on a red apron.  I have an image for you to use.  Can you digitize it?

Ha.  Isn’t this interesting?  I guess I will be creating a bull design next, which may actually be pretty cool, and actually pretty easy to do.

Here’s the hard part.  Getting used to admiration from my big sister.  It’s turning my world upside down – but I’m going with it.


Machine embroidery design inspiration from Walmart fabric. (yes, Walmart)

One of the reasons I occasionally shop at Walmart is because it is one of the few places you can purchase groceries, socks, office supplies, plants, hardware and sewing notions. (Sorry, Target.) Anyway, I was in the fabric area buying some basic sewing supplies when I saw this great looking cotton print fabric. I was debating on whether to buy it when another shopper (hip looking man- possibly gay) commented, “isn’t that wonderful?” And I had to agree.

The reason why the fabric appealed to me was that it would not only look cute as a little sundress for one of my girls, but also the flowers in the pattern would lend themselves to great appliqué designs.

So I bought the fabric, snapped a picture and digitized two of the flowers within the textile design.

I have an idea of how I might use these designs in the future, but I will let that be a surprise.

Printed cotton flowered fabric from Walmart

Printed cotton flowered fabric from Walmart

Applique design inspired by Walmart fabric

Applique design inspired by Walmart fabric

Printed cotton flowered fabric from Walmart

Printed cotton flowered fabric from Walmart

Applique flower design inspired from fabric

Applique flower design inspired from fabric

This design is now available on the Machine Embroidery Geek Store