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Free Easter egg machine embroidery design


Free Easter egg design

Yesterday my sister texted me in the middle of the day while I was at work. Thursdays are her day off so getting a few calls and texts from her throughout the day is par for the course. Anyway – her text message was a request to digitize her a simple Easter egg applique design in a real egg size (followed by a lot of “pretty pleases”). She wanted to make some appliquéd Easter hand towels with Lily Pulitzer fabric.

Since it would take me about 5 minutes to digitize such a simple shape – of course I said yes, but not after making her think it was a huge deal. (Got to get some credit in the bank somehow… ha ha). I also thought that if she wanted a simple Easter egg applique design – maybe some of you all do as well. So here it is!

After she was done with her hand towels, my sister sent me so me pictures, I and I have to admit – they did turn out pretty cute. But I will never he let her know it. Afterall – what are sisters for?


Download the easter egg machine appliqué file

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Easter egg hand towels

It’s free machine embroidery design Monday! And I am giving you a sun and killing two birds with one stone in the process.

Sun applique design

Sun applique design

When my crazy little wack-a-doo daughter, Ilse, gets a vision, look out!  Ilse got inspired when we were at JoAnns fabric a few weeks ago, snapping up $1 neon shirts for Tommy’s party favors. She liked the $1 shirts but what she really liked was a different bright orange shirt that was not in the clearance bin because it matched PERFECTLY with this cotton, orange chevron print fabric she had spotted earlier, and she decided she wanted me to stitch out a sunset on the t-shirt.   Hmmm… a bit tricky.

We eventually settled on was a sun appliqué design using the chevron print with some coordinating yellow fabric that would be stitched out with bright orange neon thread.  And….she thought she might want her initial in the center of the sun as well.

Since Ilse reminds me about her sun shirt project just about EVERY DAY – I have got to get this done to just get it out of my stinkin’ sewing room!  The first step of course is setting up the design which I have done today while I prewash the fabrics prior to the appliqué process (to avoid shrinking).

Perhaps you have a daughter that wants a sun t-shirt as well?  For that reason I am posting my sun as the free design for today.  It’s about 6″ x 5″.  Enjoy!

Download the sun appliqué design

Free machine embroidery design Monday: a heart applique perfect for patching your jeans

Corduroy patch on jeans

Corduroy patch on jeans

Hello and happy Monday.  If you recall a few days ago, I posted about patching a pair of jeans for my non-jeans wearing daughter.  I am hoping that this might inspire her to broaden her fashion horizons.  (I just gave her the “leggings are not pants” talk but I am not sure how well it sunk in.)

Anyway – the idea to create the patch came from the recent Boden Kids catalog where they show some cute pants with corduroy patches. When I posted a picture of the jeans I patched, my Facebook friends gave me lots of likes, which led me to believe that you, dear readers, might like to patch up some jeans as well.  So here you go – a heart appliqué design that lends itself quite well for making a patch.

The design will fit perfectly in a 4″ x 4″ hoop. Enjoy!

Download the free heart appliqué design – that is perfect for a patch!


Free embroidery design Monday – say hello to the little peaced out dude

Simple little happy dude machine applique design

Simple little happy dude machine applique design

As I was looking for funny face designs for my son’s birthday party favors, I stumbled upon an illustration of this little stick figured hippy dude… and I fell in love a little bit.  He is so simple, yet so blissfully happy… I think that’s what makes him so charming.

I digitized this design as an appliqué design so that his head can be filled with any fabric.  Legs are stitched first – then the head and then the face details.  The finished size is 2.62″ wide x 4.23″ tall.

Enjoy.  By the way – if you have stitched out any of my previous free designs – I would love to see how they turned out – send a picture my way!  Thanks!

Download the free peace out guy appliqué design

Free embroidery Monday – a simple flower inspired by “Forest Life” fabric

Free flower machine embroidery design

Free flower machine embroidery design

It’s free machine embroidery design Monday… or at least it was a few days ago! And being that I am super behind on my blog, I reached into my archive of digitized designs and found this simple, flower embroidery design.

I actually digitized this design last summer when I was making my daughter’s duvet cover. I bought the primary fabric for the duvet, “Forest Life” by Michael Miller at a great little fabric store in Savannah, Georgia called Fabrika. In making the duvet, I digitized several of the objects in the fabric design and stitched them out on other parts is the duvet.

One of my digitized designs was a simple, geometric flower. I think this is a versatile design that could be a focal point on an item or clothing or repeated all over a fabric to make a groovy pattern. I hope that you can find some use for it.

Download the free simple flower embroidery design inspired by the “Forest Life” Fabric.

New Mexico flag machine embroidery design for free embroidery design Monday

New Mexico Flag Machine Embroidery Design

New Mexico Flag Machine Embroidery Design

It’s free machine embroidery design Monday, but being that I am out of town today (and did not travel with my embroidery machine) it is difficult for me to digitize something new and stitch it out. Instead I’ve rustled through the archive of designs I created in the past and found something to offer up to my blog followers this week: the New Mexico state symbol that you see on the state flag.

Have you ever wondered what the symbol on the New Mexico state flag means?  It’s actually a Zia sun symbol that was discovered at the Zia Pueblo in northern New Mexico.  The symbol and it’s four lines have meaning to the Zia culture: four seasons, four directions, etc… The symbol was appropriated by archaeologist, Dr. Harry Mera, who won a contest in designing the state flag in 1925.

So why offer the New Mexico state flag embroidery symbol this week? I don’t have a good one for you there – but I am hoping that it proves to be useful to you all.

Download Free New Mexico Flag Machine Embroidery Design Files

Free machine embroidery design: “Cheers!”

Wine bags with machine embroidery

Wine bags with machine embroidery

It’s free embroidery design Monday and today I am going to share with you a file that I created over the weekend and actually used in a project. The file is the word “Cheers!” in a celebratory cursive typeface. It is the perfect size to stitched out on a gift bag, wine bag, apron, or any home decor item.

This weekend I attended a party given for my friend, Zellie, who recently completed her PhD. (I made her a really cute monogramed scarf… in case you missed it.)  For the two hostesses I gave them bottles of wine in homemade, embroidered wine bags. On one, I stitched out the word, “Cheers!” and the other, “Thank you.”

Want to use the “Cheers!” design and make a homemade wine bag?  Tomorrow I will be sharing exactly how to make these bags. But for the time being I hope you enjoy this free machine embroidery design.

Download the “Cheers!” Design