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Abstract flower embroidery design inspired by my sister-in-law’s skirt is new and improved

Abstract flower design based on my sister-in-law's skirt

Abstract flower design based on my sister-in-law’s skirt

You might recall a few months ago when I digitized an abstract flower based on a design in my sister-in-law’s dress. I personally think this is a really cool design, but after stitching out my first attempt, I knew it was not ready for prime time.

The problem with this design was that I didn’t digitize it very strategically. The order in which items were stitched out and the starting points for stitching of each piece were completely random. There was a connector string between each of the thirty-six elements in the wreath – for God’s sake! This made for tons of clipping tiny connector strings.  Very time consuming!

This week I finally got around to making some edits to the file.  Now the order of stitching is much more strategic, hiding most of the connector strings under runs of satin stitching. To be sure – I stitched out the revised design, and oh-my-Lord what a difference it makes!

Now that I’m feeling good about this design, I listed it in two sizes on my Etsy store so that you all can enjoy it as well. I can envision this design being stitched out in bright colors around the hem of a black skirt and looking super cute.  (If you give this a try – I would love to see a picture. hint, hint) My plan for this design is to use it as a decorative element on the bottom of a skirt – but in a solid color that will bring out a color in the skirt fabric.  I actually have a pretty solid plan in mind… but I will save the reveal for a future post.   (I know, I know… you can hardly stand it.  ha)

It’s inspiration Sunday and I’m inspired by the t-shirt worn by my very pregnant friend, Maggie.

Maggie provides digitizing inspiration.

Maggie provides digitizing inspiration.

It’s inspiration Sunday and I found inspiration visiting my very pregnant friend, Maggie. Maggie used to live directly behind me, however due to the upcoming birth of her third child, they needed to buy a bigger house. So as of three weeks ago, instead of living behind me… she lives a few streets away. Oh – the inconvenience!!!

Tonight I happened to be in her new neighborhood, so I popped in to see the new house. Maggie’s third child is due any day now, so I also wanted to pop in and make sure that I hadn’t missed any important news. No baby yet… but the house is great.

What was really awesome, though, was the t-shirt that Maggie was wearing. She said it was the only thing that would actually cover her belly. As you can see from the picture, the shirt says “pregnant (not fat)”. Having been pregnant three times myself, the message on the shirt is a sentiment that I could have definitely related to on many occasions when I was pregnant, especially in that awkward in-between stage when people can’t tell if you are pregnant or just a little bit chubbier than usual. But in Maggie’s case – at nine months pregnant – the shirt is even funnier because she is so clearly pregnant, the message is almost an insult your intelligence.

So how does this inspire me? I am totally digitizing this phrase so that I can stitch it out on maternity t-shirts for my friends… that is if any of them are crazy enough to get pregnant again.

Rainbow peace sign machine embroidery design

Rainbow peace sign machine embroidery design

Rainbow peace sign machine embroidery design

A couple of years ago I made cute rainbow peace sign t-shirts for my little girls with a design I digitized myself.  I mean my girls LOVED peace signs, and they LOVED rainbows… so a rainbow peace sign was the perfect design for them. My little one is still actually wearing one of these t-shirts.

But the rainbow peace sign design had flaws.  There were some gaps between the colors in the rainbow that I had always intended to go back and fix. Finally – this weekend I got around to fixing this design. I carefully adjusted each shape in my digitizing software so that each piece slightly overlapped the adjacent pieces to help prevent gaps within the shape.

The process of completing this design took several round of test stitching but I think I have it looking pretty good.   I posted the rainbow peace sign on my Etsy store (as a special $1 item).  Inspired by my new peace sign on the Etsy store – I thought I would give my other peace sign appliqué designs a bit more exposure, so I put them on sale for $1 as well.

I hope someone needs a peace sign design!

It’s free embroidery design Monday – Texas longhorn appliqué design

Texas Longhorn Applique Design

Texas Longhorn Applique Design

It’s free embroidery design Monday and being that I’ve caught the Texas fever – I thought I would share a little Texas love with all of my blog followers. Today you can download the Texas Longhorn appliqué design that I digitized a new a while back. The size of this design is approximately 5″ x 2.5″ high which makes it great for t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and probably a lot of other things that I cannot even imagine.

If you’ve been reading along this with this blog and getting a little tired of Texas related posts, I promise this will be the last one for a while. But I have to warn you – I’m off to New Jersey this week.  Who knows what inspiration awaits on the boardwalk!

So now you can download the file, make yourself a Texan shirt, and pretend you are a fake text and like I occasionally do. Oh did I mention that I love Texas?

Download Texas Longhorn Embroidery File


Free machine embroidery design: infinity sign.

Infinity Machine Embroidery Design

Infinity Machine Embroidery Design

I was just driving home thinking about what design I should create for free machine embroidery design Monday and I was sort of at a loss for ideas. Then I checked my blog stats (yes I did do that when I was driving…very bad) and waiting for me was the perfect idea.

In my WordPress stats I am able to see what search terms people have used to find my blog. Today someone used the term “infinity embroidery design.” Most likely they were led to the blog post I created about the infinity scarf I embroidered for my friend. However probably what they really wanted to find was an embroidery design of an infinity symbol. So that is exactly what I decided to make.

Hopefully there are others out there needing an infinity embroidery design and will be able to use this.

Download the Infinity Design

On a different note – as some of you may know, I recently launched my Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store. To show my appreciation for your subscribing to my blog, I have created a coupon code for 20% off anything in the machine embroidery geek stores. The coupon code is GEEK20.


Little monster machine embroidery design

Little monster embroidery design

Little monster embroidery design

When my friend Alix is not coming up with super token (quasi super hero machine appliqué designs), she actually can draw some pretty funny looking little monsters. She’s actually a practicing architect as well as a very talented illustrator – but weird little monsters are her specialty – at least as far as I’m concerned.

One of the perks of being her friend is that when I asked her for some little monster drawings – she  happily obliged. (Well – I did just make her stupid super token t-shirt… so she did sort of owe me.)  Anyway – she sent me three pages of little monster sketches – all awesome and completely goofy.

My favorite of all her monster drawings is this little zany bucktoothed guy. So I digitized him and stitched it out. I think he turned out pretty cute and will look amazing on a little t-shirt for a boy or girl.  In fact, my little three-year-old Thomas has been asking me when his monster shirt will be done.  So at least I have one happy customer.

I plan to digitize a few more of these little monsters.  Hopefully you all will like them as much as I do.  I put this first monster on my Etsy store and am offering it for $1 for it’s debut week. 

Pacman machine embroidery design – this week’s free embroidery design!

Pacman machine embroidery design

Pacman machine embroidery design

Happy free machine embroidery design Monday! For this week’s free design – I am offering this cute little pacman design that I originally digitized a few weeks ago. There were some minor issues with the design so I went back and fixed them and now it’s new and improved and available for free!

Why not stitch out this design on a t-shirt for a little kid? It will make for a cute and retro T-shirt that will bring back memories of hanging out at the arcade.

Download the Pacman Embroidery Design.

In case you missed it – over the weekend I posted two new $1 designs on the Etsy store: the Classic Mr. and Mrs. pillowcase design and the simple cupcake. As always – they are offered at the $1 price for the Etsy debut week only.

Thanks so much for subscribing to the blog! Hope you like this week’s design!

New modern initial wreath design for machine embroidery

Yes – I know it is How-to-Tuesday…. I just am not feeling very instructional today and am at a bit of a loss for ideas.  So, instead I will share with you a new design that I digitized that was inspired by the 3rd grade moms at my kids’ school.

Modern Wreath Design with Initial

Modern Wreath Design with Initial

My third grade daughter is a girl scout and has had fantastic troup leaders this entire year. Now that the school year is winding down, we want to give these ladies a gift.  One of the more organized moms sent out an email soliciting ideas for the thank you gifts.  I immediately responded, offering to embroider some linen guest towels and they quickly took me up on the offer.  I figured that this is a perfect opportunity to digitize something new!

One of my favorite and versatile designs that i have ever designed is my modern initial wreath design.  I digitized this a few months ago and have since stitched it out on placemats and dishtowels.  However, for this project I wanted to make a new initial design.

The resulting modern wreath initial design is a bit more formal than my other wreath.  I may play around with different type styles for the initial – but I think the first draft is encouraging enough to move forward.  What do you all think?  Would love to hear your thoughts.


Heart appliqué design with initials for a couple

Initials etched in trees machine embroidery design

Initials etched in trees machine embroidery design

My friend, Anna, is planning an 50th anniversary party for her parents this summer. She is currently pulling all her ideas together in a PowerPoint presentation that she is sharing with her three sisters who all live in different cities. It’s pretty impressive.

One of her ideas (oh I hope her parents aren’t reading this…) is to make a pillow with a graphic of her parent’s initials, “J + P”, written out inside of an outline of a heart as if they were carved on a tree.  Apparently her father frequently draws this graphic to represent: John loves Patricia.  How sweet is that? When she shared this idea, my first thought, of course, was, can I digitize this for you?

So that is exactly what I did and I think it turned out quite nicely.  It is an appliqué design but I did not use any appliqué fabric in this test stitching.  But I still think it looks great.  My only question is – include the arrow through the heart or no?  It’s looking a bit plain.  We’ll see what Anna thinks.