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Monogram embroidery typeface now available – perfectly sized for the brim of a straw hat

Monogram embroidery typeface

Monogram embroidery typeface

Unless you have been living under a rock – you have probably know that I have been really into monogramming straw hats this summer.  I have made monogrammed straw hats for my mom and mother-in-law, my girlfriends, my sister-in-laws, my husband’s secretary and my co-worker’s mom.  This has definitely been my go-to gift of the summer.

Recently one of my embroidery Facebook friends asked about the typeface and how she could get it. I responded saying that I could create the individual letter files if anyone was interested.  After a couple of people liked my comment I got motivated to create all the files.

So I set up every letter as a separate file in two sizes.  The larger letters are about 2.7″ high and the smaller ones are about 2″ high.  Put together, these letters make a monogram that fits perfectly on the brim of a straw hat.  It’s pretty tedious to set up all the separate files (wah!) so I hope these letters will be helpful to you all and help you make your embroidered monogrammed hat.

Check out my monogram typeface on the Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store.


The Angelica typeface put to the test on a baby towel

A personalized, machine embroidered, hoodie baby towel makes the perfect newborn gift.

A personalized, machine embroidered, hoodie baby towel makes the perfect newborn gift.

This blog could also be titled…”how blogging everyday improved my relationships with my neighbors.” Here’s how. My neighbor/friend, Jessica, was in a bind. She needed to get a baby gift together quickly to send her friend, Greg and his wife and new baby, who are living in China. The mother of the Greg was leaving today to visit the new baby in China, and Jessica wanted to get a baby gift in her suitcase.

Jessica found one of several bargain baby towels she purchased from Lord and Taylor when it was going out of business a few years back. It’s a darling bunny hoodie towel – perfect for a baby girl. She thought that embroidering the baby’s name on it would give it the perfect finishing touch.

This is where I come into the picture. Normally embroidering names on other people’s items is not my favorite thing to do. I worry that I am going to ruin the item. But being that I have been doing SO MUCH embroidery lately – I was feeling pretty confident. Also – she liked the Angelica type face – so it gave me an opportunity to test it out.

I think the hooded towel turned out pretty well. And I think the typeface stitches out quite nicely – perfect for a little girl. By the way – please don’t ask me how to pronounce the name.   Hey – at least it looks good.

Digitizing the Angelica typeface for machine embroidery

Angelica typeface for machine embroidery

Angelica typeface for machine embroidery

I have always been a fan of the Angelica typeface and have used it for various projects where a youthful, funky look is needed. So I was wondering how it would look as an embroidery typeface.

The Bernina Artista software allows you to create a stitch file out of any true type typeface. The only issue is that some letters do not come out well or simply do not render at all. For example, when I created the names for the fleece hats I made for my daughter’s skating party, I created my little daughter’s name, but the small “s” did not render out. Therefore, I had to improvise and scale down the large “S” and use this for the small s. So creating some text within the Bernina software does not necessarily imply success when you generate type from TTF fonts.

I encountered this problem once again when trying to digitize the Angelica typeface for machine embroidery. Every letter looked great – except for the small “f” – totally weird. Fortunately my Bernina Artista manual helped guide me in figuring out how to improve the little f.  I learned that you can edit the shape of the letter forms in a typeface by using the shape modifier tool.

The resulting letter set looks great and I am looking forward to using it in future projects.