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Free machine embroidery design: triple stitch star

Free star triple stitch design

Free star triple stitch design

It’s free machine embroidery design Monday and today I am trying to combine my son’s birthday party favor idea with my free machine embroidery design of the week.  But… here’s the problem – I keep changing my mind.

My initial concept for the party was to appliqué solid colored t-shirts with some simple shape using some funky printed knit fabric.  Thomas is turning four and is inviting both boys and girls to the party.  So I need something not too gender specific. Also – Thomas is not a boys boy who loves trucks or dinosaurs. He’s just a sweet little boys that likes whatever his big sisters like.

I thought funky stars in different knit prints would be just the ticket.  But when I went to JoAnns fabric – of course they didn’t have the fabric I was envisioning.  However – what they did have is  bright, neon t-shirts for kids on clearance – $1.97/each.   My kids were melting down so I picked up 10 of the t-shirts and starting racking my brain for a new concept.

I am not doing stars on t-shirts now.  I have a whole new idea that is going to be way cooler.  But please enjoy this triple stitch star design that will be fantastic with a knit fabric.  Maybe you will have better luck finding the fabric I was looking for.

Download the free triple stitch star applique design

It’s machine embroidery Sunday and I found inspiration at the beach…

Star applique swim trucks

Star applique swim trucks

So you’re probably thinking I am going to be writing about the sun, the sand, the surf or maybe even sea creatures being that I’m spending my July 4th week here in Norfolk/Virginia Beach (where my in laws and all of my husbands siblings live.) Nope – I’m not going there. You know what inspired me at the beach today? My 16-month-old nephew’s swim trunks. A-DOR-A-BLE.

Baby Reid has been rocking the cutest little blue and white striped swim trunks with a big red star on the leg. I mean – how perfect for the Fourth of July? – And what a great way to use my star appliqué design that I just posted? When I initially created the appliqué design I mocked it up on some little girl dresses, but I simply had not considered applique on the leg of a pair of boy’s shorts or swim trunks. But this is GENIUS.

And the cute little blonde, curly-haired boy in the shorts? PRICELESS.

Fourth of July appliqué t-shirt for my wacky little girl

Ilse models the star applique design on her new Fourth of July t-shirt

Ilse models the star applique design on her new Fourth of July t-shirt

My seven-year-old daughter, Ilse, has a very particular style, albeit slightly demented. For example, she BEGGED me to make her a pair of shorts out of a pastel seersucker fabric because she had a tank top with pastel horizontal stripes that she thought would match PERFECTLY. In reality, the t-shirt and shorts did not match at all, not even remotely. I mean they both had cool pastel stripes, but the stripes were going in opposite directions and they were completely different shades of pastel.

Okay so now you have a sense of what I’m dealing with.

A couple weeks ago, my mother-in-law sent a navy blue sweater with silver stripes on it to Ilse as part of a care package. Of course she loved it, and she got very excited about the outfit she would construct around this new sweater.

I was in Dallas, when I got the call.

“Mom, can you make me a red, star t-shirt? GG sent me a star sweater and it is going to match PERFECTLY. I’m going to wear it on the fourth of July.”

Really – a sweater on the Fourth of July? Whatever. I’ll make you your star t-shirt.

The next day when I was at Citycraft in Dallas, I found a darling navy blue cotton print fabric with white and red dots (Cynthia Rowley design)… perfect for the star appliqué. I then created a star applique design and stitched it on a red t-shirt. She is psyched… and one very happy little customer.

Free embroidery design Monday: simple star appliqués

Ideas for the star applique design

Ideas for the star applique design

It’s free machine embroidery design, Monday, and my mission today is to provide you with a design that might be useful for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. It’s a simple star appliqué in 2 different sizes: a larger one 3.76″ x 3.76″ and a smaller one 2.78″ x 2.78″.

Think about all the possibilities here… a t-shirt, a dress, something for a boy, something for a girl… Or combine the small and large star appliqués to make something unique.

My little one would like to have an outfit for the Fourth of July so I decided to mock up some possibilities.  I hope you like my visualizations, and I’ll let you know what she thinks.

Download Star Applique Files