1 Halloween costume down. Just two more to go. Introducing my little bat!

By on October 1st, 2013
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Halloween is still a month away – yet tonight – the project at hand is to make my daughter a bat costume. Why the rush? You may be wondering. Well…. this weekend she has a bowling / costume / birthday party to attend – and since she wants to be a bat anyway, why not get a jump on things?

My older daughter was a bat about five years ago and I made her a costume by cutting up a cheap umbrella and attaching the pieces along the side and under the arms of a black hoodie sweatshirt. I also put little ears on the top of the hoodie, and got her a simple black mask. This worked okay but the metal umbrella pieces were not comfortable at all. And with the umbrella being a cheap umbrella, it sort of fell apart. This was the bat costume tutorial that I followed to make bat costume #1.

For bat costume #2 I found a different tutorial on-line. Instead of using a black sweatshirt, I sewed the bat wings onto a long sleeved black t-shirt.  I cut the wings from black felt and added some boning for structure.  To hold the boning pieces onto the wings – I sewed on black felt strips onto the wings and fed the boning into the pieces.

I got the bat mask pattern from a different site. http://www.livingwithpunks.com/2010/10/in-case-you-missed-it-and-are.html.  We had to significantly modify it as the mask was designed for a kids with eyes and nose a much greater distance apart then my little blondie.  To make the mask more rigid – we cut it out of cardboard and glued felt on the front.  I sewed black elastic onto the mask to hold it on her head.   (Yes – I sewed through cardboard… and I liked it! )

My husband suggested that we add some more “bling” or color to the costume but Ilse does not seem to care.  She loves it.  In fact, when wearing the costume around the house, she folded in her arms and declared that she was going to hang from her knees on the jungle gym and “go to sleep.”  Talk about a costume putting someone into character!

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