A horseshoe machine embroidery design for my not-so-lucky day

By on May 22nd, 2013
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horseshoe machine embroidery design
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I realize it is How-to Tuesday but I don’t have a How-to for you all today – I apologize.  I am just returning home from being out of town and I was at a bit of a loss for what to write about today on the blog.

I was also in a crappy mood because my 3-year-old son broke the lid on my Ernie (of Ernie and Bert) cookie jar.  Yes – I realize I am a grown adult woman with an Ernie cookie jar and I was actually PISSED when my kid broke it.  It was a gift from a high-school friend.  So anyway – I’m in an awful mood – broken cookie jar, no how-to idea when I go into my sewing room and see the last design I digitized stitched out on my machine – the horseshoe design.  Maybe it is my lucky day!  Something to share.

I was inspired to digitize the horseshoe when I was visiting Las Vegas a few months back.  I was thinking about cool Vegas iconography and lucky charms and I got the idea to digitize the horseshoe.  The horseshoe is such a cool icon – now not just associated with horses, luck and Vegas but also the stylish Carrie Bradshaw who donned a gold horseshoe necklace throughout several seasons of Sex and the City.

So maybe the day wasn’t so bad after all.  I have a new design to share and put on the Etsy site.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Since the horseshoe is a new embroidery design  – I’m listing it for $1 for it’s debut week on Etsy.

And about the Ernie cookie jar.  I just googled it and you can buy them on-line for $25.  I really should not have been so mad.  ugh!

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