Ain’t no party like a link party… especially if they are links to sewing blogs!

By on September 16th, 2013
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One of my favorite blogs is called Sew Mama Sew!  It is a blog about modern sewing ideas, tips and tricks, etc… Anyway – this week they are having a link party, which means that they are inviting other sewing bloggers to submit a link to their own blog after they have written something that pertains to a designated theme.  This link party is about everyone’s favorite sewing tool.  Of course I had to participate.

A few months ago, I learned about how binder clips work very well in holding back your fabric while you are embroidering, especially in tight spaces such as onesies or small t-shirts.  Who would have ever thought that binder clips could be so useful for sewing? Even the Brother web site sanctioned this technique.  (So it’s legit!) I started using binder clips and now keep a stash by my embroidery machine.

Hopefully some sewers will benefit from my submission… But the greatest thing about this link party is reading what others have posted as their favorite tools.  So far my three favorites are:

1) The glue stick.  This blogger demonstrates many, many ways to use a glue stick while sewing.  I am thinking that this may be a good way to keep applique fabrics in place while tacking them down.

2) Medical exam paper for tracing patterns.  I try to trace off my patterns so I don’t destroy them for different sizes.  This is a very economical solution.

3) Flat iron for pressing short seams.  I am not a quilter but I just might start.  This would give my top-of-the-line hair flat iron something to do! (I never use it.)  What a great idea.

I hope you enjoy all the tips on the Sew Mama Sew blog. I encourage you to submit your own.

One thought on “Ain’t no party like a link party… especially if they are links to sewing blogs!

  1. Hi Julie! I’m glad you found the glue stick interesting… I think it would work great for holding down appliques. Another trick is to iron the applique after gluing it to heat set the glue further. Sherri

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