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By on May 2nd, 2013
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Our four-year-old twin boy neighbors turned four last week and my son, Thomas, was invited to their birthday party.  Lately, I have been relishing the opportunity to make birthday presents as I am trying to build up my library of machine embroidery designs. But what to make for twins?  In the days leading up to the birthday party I was racking my brain trying to to think of something interesting that would be especially cute on a set of twins.

I reached out to my friends and Facebook groups for suggestions.  My pal, Alix, suggested chicken and an egg, a monkey and a banana, and a few other great ideas.  But wouldn’t it be odd for a kid to be wearing a t-shirt with an egg on it? I wanted a design that looked great separately and take on new meaning when put together.

My husband suggested a set of “eye” t-shirts.  I mocked up what this might looks like.  But reconsidered – maybe a little too weird?

So – at a loss for ideas – I decided to create something a wee bit simpler: the number 4 in a circle.  I liked the idea of making a bold statement re: the new age of the twins.  I also figured that this would be a bold, versatile design that might be of interest to others and useful for other birthdays.

Nevertheless – I am still stuck on this twin idea.  What designs would look great separate as well as together?  I would love to hear your ideas.

One thought on “Birthday Number Machine Applique Design

  1. First of all, can you make me a “45” shirt on my next birthday? =)

    How about cheeseburger and fries for the twins? Oreos and milk? Bacon and eggs?

    Yikes…notice how all my suggestions are food related? 😉

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