Birthday t-shirt for a kooky little girl

By on January 8th, 2014
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My daughter, Ilse, had a birthday party to attend the other day for her best preschool buddy, Keira. Keira and Ilse at like two (loony) peas in a pod -one kookier than the other. While they no longer attend the same school – they are still in the same ballet class and have maintained a super-tight connection. (By the way- you should see the outfits these two show up in for ballet). I digress.

Anyway – since Keira is such a special friend we needed to make her a special gift. Ilse suggested a repeat of the number 8 with a crown that I made for her other friend, Jillian, but being that I am a digitizer, I hate repeating the same design twice. A gift is an opportunity to test out a new design! So we did something a little different this time. I made a number 8 appliqué as a candle.

Normally I like the color combination of pink and orange – however – these shades were too close which makes it difficult to read the name on the shirt.  Fortunately Keira didn’t seem to care.  Ilse said she squealed with delight when she opened the gift. Now – as for what she will wear with the shirt?? That will be interesting.

Let me know what you think.  Like the design?  Think it’s worth setting up all the other  numbers for different ages?

2 thoughts on “Birthday t-shirt for a kooky little girl

  1. I love the Birthday shirt – how Creative!!

    1. Thank you. I have already been told there are similar designs… so I don’t know if it is THAT creative. But thank you!

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