How to make an in-the-hoop Advent calendar

How to make an in-the-hoop Advent calendar

Now is the time of year (in fact today is exactly the day) where you can open the first door of your advent calendar. Don’t have an advent calendar? Well, if you own an embroidery machine then it’s pretty easy to make one.  In fact, when it comes to in-the-hoop Advent calendars, you have several […]

How to use Embrilliance Essentials

How to use Embrilliance Essentials

Perhaps you have heard of Embrilliance Essentials and aren’t sure what it does. Or maybe, you just purchased it and you need to know how to get started. Either way – this blog post will cover some of the basics of the program in a simple and concise manner, demonstrating what you can do with […]

free Christmas machine embroidery designs

Free Christmas embroidery designs

It’s the holiday season and you’re looking for some creative gifts and ways to decorate your home. Why not use your embroidery machine? You can make some awesome projects even if you are on a budget or just want to save a bit of money. This is because there are plenty of free Christmas machine […]

machine embroidery on burlap

How to embroider on burlap

Machine embroidery on burlap is a popular technique used to make many different types of projects. It creates an interesting texture that you can’t get with other types of fabric. But, perhaps you have noticed that burlap is also quite porous, which may make you wonder, how it might handle embroidery. In this post, we […]

How to learn to use an embroidery machine

How to learn to use an embroidery machine?

You may have seen the embroidery machines in the fabric stores and thought to yourself, “wow, that looks really complicated.” Let me be the one to tell you that – actually, it’s not. With a little bit of practice, you can easily learn to use an embroidery machine. In this blog post, we’ll cover the […]

selling embroidered items on Etsy

Selling embroidered items on Etsy

Looking for more customers for your embroidery business? Well, maybe it’s time to consider selling embroidered items on Etsy. Never heard of it? Etsy is an enormous global marketplace where people can buy and sell handmade goods. Etsy has over 1 million active sellers, and the site continues to grow in popularity. Etsy is well-known […]

machine embroidery on cork fabric

Machine embroidery on cork fabric

Machine embroidery on cork fabric is a fun and creative way to make a range of projects. Cork fabric can be used for anything from placemats, coasters, jewelry, or aprons – the possibilities are endless! In this blog post we’ll cover how to machine embroider on cork as well as some examples of beautiful projects […]

free Halloween machine embroidery designs

Free Halloween embroidery designs

Ready to get spooky but you are working with a limited budget? Not a problem. There are oodles of free Halloween embroidery designs available and I’m about to show you exactly where you can find them. So, sit back, relax and get ready to start downloading. These free Halloween embroidery designs are sure to make […]

Can you make money with an embroidery business?

Can you make money running an embroidery business?

If you are wondering whether you can make money running an embroidery business, the answer is definitely yes.  But,  how much money can you make? Could you replace your current salary? If so, how much would you have to work and would running an embroidery business be better than what you are doing now? Advantages […]

free embroidery software

Best free embroidery software

Embroidery machines are expensive, so you may be a bit alarmed to see the price of machine embroidery software. But, while some of the fancy high-end embroidery digitizing software is a bit pricey, you can find plenty of free embroidery software that is incredibly useful and may be exactly what you need. Products mentioned in […]

What is Embrilliance embroidery software

What is Embrilliance?

If you have been lurking around the embroidery crowd, you’ve probably heard people mention Embrilliance. This was definitely true for me. Long before I knew what it was, I often heard people raving about Embrilliance in machine embroidery Facebook groups. Soon, I learned that while many people refer to Embrilliance as a specific program, it […]

where to buy machine embroidery designs

Where to buy machine embroidery designs

Tired of stitching out the embroidery designs that came with your machine? Yes – those can get old quickly. Fortunately, for you, there are millions of machine embroidery designs instantly available online that you can purchase, download and immediately start stitching out on your embroidery machine.  If you are new to machine embroidery, however, you […]