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A snowflake embroidery design for free embroidery design Monday

Snowflake free machine embroidery design

We used to live in Boston, and a good number of my friends and former work colleagues still live there. So, a few days ago, my Facebook news feed was a litany of posts about snow, the snow day and freezing temperatures.  Smugly, I thought to myself: “poor suckers.”  And then the snow hit us… more snow than I ever remember seeing in St. Louis.   And I am stuck at home with a car that I don’t even want to attempt to get out of the driveway and my three little crazy kids.  So what else it there to do?  Embrace the winter weather as inspiration! And make a snowflake embroidery design for a free embroidery design Monday!

I hope you find this little snowflake design to be useful. I am thinking that it would look cute on a headband or as a little wintery detail on an item of clothing. The size is about 1.5 inches in diameter.


Download the snowflake embroidery design file

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Silly Christmas Party Message Free Machine Embroidery Design

Christmas party embroidery design
Christmas party embroidery design

Heading out this weekend to a Christmas party and need a little something for the hosts?  Check out this cheeky little design that you can stitch out on a kitchen towel in just a few minutes, and you will have a perfect little gift for your host.

I can’t remember where I saw this phrase, I think it might have been at that cute home decor shop in Laguna Beach that provided so much inspiration.  Whatever the source – I thought it was kind of funny and cute and decided to put my own spin on the design.

I hope you like it!  Please let me know if you stitch it out.  I would love to see pictures.  And good luck finishing up your last minute sewing projects in these few days prior to Christmas.  Oh my Lord – I still have so much to do!

Download the Christmas party embroidery design file

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An ornament applique design for Free Embroidery Design Monday

Ornament machine applique design
Ornament machine applique design

And the Christmas theme continues…. The past three weeks of free holiday embroidery and applique designs seem to have been a hit. So, I am going to keep going with it! In my quest to find holiday icons to digitize – I came up with the idea of digitizing an ornament. Ok – it’s not the most original idea – but it’s a classic shape, it fits in a 4″ x 4″ hoop, and you can customize the inside with a monogram or special message. And it’s free!

Here are three suggestions for how you might use this design.

1) Appliqué them with different Christmas fabrics on a Christmas tree skirt.

2) Add a monogram in the center of the ornament and add a Christmas flair to a t-shirt of a dress for a little girl.

3) Turn it into an ornament.  If you treat it like it were a patch – you could stitch this out, trim it and hang it on your Christmas tree.

Have fun!

Download the ornament machine appliqué design file

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Going crazy with the Christmas embroidery designs on Free Embroidery Design Monday

ho! ho! ho! free machine embroidery design
ho! ho! ho! free machine embroidery design

Hey everyone!  Now – when is the last time you have seen a “Free Embroidery Design Monday” post anywhere close to a Monday?? I’m finally getting caught up on the blog.  Probably you don’t care that much – but it’s a good thing for me.

Anyway – in keeping in line with the recent Christmas themed designs (Merry Christmas embroidery design and the Christmas tree appliqué) that I have been posting over the past couple of weeks – I decided to create a simple “ho! ho! ho!” design that would be perfect to embroidery on some hand towels for a hostess gift.  I made each “ho!” a different color so you can have some flexibility to play with the colors a bit.

I hope you find this useful, and if you have some ideas for other Christmas related designs that might help you put the finishing touches on your holiday gifting – please let me know.  I am trying to wrap things up, myself – and even considering a late evening trek out to the outlet malls tonight.  Am I insane?

Download the “ho! ho! ho!” machine embroidery design file

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It’s free embroidery design Monday – and I’ve got the Christmas spirit!

Modern Christmas tree machine applique design
Modern Christmas tree machine applique design

Hey – did you know that in 2013 the number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of the lowest in the past decade?  So, guess what that means?  As soon as Thanksgiving is over… Christmas is just around the corner.

I’m trying to be on it, myself. My ambition is to make as many gifts as possible and not leave everything to the last minute.  So here I sit, writing my blog, and listening to the hum of my embroidery machine.  (I wish that I could tell you about what I’m making but don’t want to spoil any surprises for the friends that read this blog.)

Anywho – with this in mind.  I thought I might help you all out with some Christmas oriented embroidery and applique designs.  (In case you missed it – last week’s “Merry Christmas” design was definitely a keeper.) This week’s modern tree would look cute on some hand towels, Christmas pajamas or on the front of a little girl’s dress.   I sized it to fit in a 4″ x 4″ hoop so everyone can enjoy.

Download the modern Christmas tree machine appliqué file


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Making this Thanksgiving even more festive with this free “Happy Thanksgiving” embroidery design

Happy Thanksgiving free embroidery design
Happy Thanksgiving free embroidery design

As I was thinking of what I was going to create for my free machine embroidery design this week – I went back and read what I wrote last week, and I thought… “Damn!” that was a good idea. (If you happened to miss that one – I posted a free Turkey design for Thanksgiving and encouraged my readers to stitch it out on some hostess gifts in order to flood your hostess with so many Thanksgiving related items that he/she would always feel obligated to host.)

Well – in that selfish spirit – I am offering up another Thanksgiving related design. Again – this would be a great hostess gift stitched out on some dish towels or placemats – or something to make for yourself to put you in the Thanksgiving spirit.

The design is sized for 4″ x 4″ so that everyone can enjoy!

Download the “Happy Thanksgiving” machine embroidery file

P.S. I hope you picked up on the fact that I was kidding about trying to get out of hosting Thanksgiving…I am really not that selfish of a person. I just thought it was funny. But I still don’t host on Thanksgiving… ha ha.

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A turkey machine embroidery design for free machine embroidery design Monday!

Free turkey machine embroidery design
Free turkey machine embroidery design

Did you know that there are only 21 days until Thanksgiving?  It’s time to think about what to make (I mean BESIDES turkey – or tofurkey for you veggies) and start thinking about how to dress up your Thanksgiving table?  It’s one of the best holidays ever so your table should be special. Am I beginning to sound like Martha Stewart?

Take my mom, for example, she actually has Thanksgiving china. It’s a complete set of china with turkeys on it.  She inherited it from her mom who inherited from her mother who inherited it from God knows who.  But Thanksgiving is the one day out of the year when she busts out that special Thanksgiving china.  And, because she is the keeper of the china, she is always the host of the Thanksgiving meal.

My point is that Thanksgiving is a festive event.  Why not surprise your host with a personalized set of napkins or place mats or even a little dish towel with a turkey design integrated? Maybe if you give your host enough turkey items – he or she will always feel obligated to be the host.  Hey – this little free design could get you out of cooking Thanksgiving dinner forever.  You can thank me later.  Enjoy!

Download the little turkey machine embroidery file


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A modern leaf embroidery design for free machine embroidery design Monday

Modern leaf - free applique design
Modern leaf – free applique design

After posting the acorn design last week, I’ve been thinking about other fall appropriate designs that might be of interest to my readers. Of course I thought about digitizing a leaf, however I didn’t want to the leaf to be generic and cheesy. What immediately came to mind was the style of the leaf that was part of the Michael Miller “Forest Life” fabric that I used on my daughter’s duvet cover I made last year.  I used that fabric for inspiration for creating this design.

This modern, simple, yet bold appliqué design can be stitched out in a number of different ways. You can just stitch out just the outline and use no appliqué fabric whatsoever. Or, you can use fabric in the leaf portion but cutaway the fabric in the leaf inner shape. Or you can even use two different fabrics on the outer part and the inner parts of the leaf.

This design I think would look really nice stitched out multiple times on a pillow, or perhaps a placemat. I have made the design less then 3.93 inches in height so that it can be stitched out in a 4 x 4 hoop.  But think about deploying it in multiples for a bigger statement.  I think it would look super cool.

If you do decide to stitch out this modern leaf appliqué design, send me a picture! I would love to see the creative ways that you have used it.

Download the modern leaf machine appliqué file

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Looking for free embroidery designs? Joan will hook you up.

Joan's list of free embroidery designs
Joan’s list of free embroidery designs

When I login to WordPress to create a new blog entry for you all, my lovely readers, I often check my statistics.  I am curious to know how people are finding the site, and WordPress is fantastic because it tells you all this information. Today I noticed that under my Site Stats that several visitors had come to my blog via a site called “Sewn by Joan.” So – of course I had to check it out.

Joan has assembled a list of sites that offer free machine embroidery designs, and the list she has created is rather long. I am guessing that being that she has updated her site yesterday and I am just starting to see traffic coming from her site as of yesterday that she just added a link to my site yesterday.

I wanted to pass on this information on to all of you who might be interested in the free designs – and to say thank you to Joan for listing me on her site.