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How to machine embroider around a neckline

Neckline embroidery is a wonderful way to add a unique and personalized touch to a simple t-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater. And, with the help of an embroidery machine, you can machine embroider around a neckline in a matter of minutes. Look tricky? It’s easier than you think, and I’ll guide you through the process step-by-step […]

appliqué tips for beginners

10 appliqué tips for beginners

When I was just getting started in machine embroidery, appliqué was new and enticing, but a little frustrating.  It took a lot of trial and error to get it right.  But, now that I’ve put in hours behind the embroidery machine, studied up, and digitized many of my own appliqué designs,  I can officially offer up […]

How to center embroidery designs on a t-shirt

How to center machine embroidery designs on a t-shirt or sweatshirt

When it comes to machine embroidery, there isn’t much more frustrating than screwing up the placement of an embroidery design on a t-shirt, especially when you go through the painstaking process of stitching out an appliqué design. I was completely at my wits end when I stitched out an appliqué crown crookedly on a t-shirt […]

how to clean embroidery hoop

How to clean a dirty embroidery hoop

Here’s how I knew I had a nasty, dirty embroidery hoop.  People started leaving comments on my blog posts (that were completely unrelated to the embroidery hoop), saying  “wow – your hoop is gross.”  So, after hearing that a few times , I thought, “maybe I should try to clean my dirty embroidery hoop.” But […]

how to do couching on an embroidery machine

How to do couching on an embroidery machine

Looking for a new way for your embroidery to stand out? Then it’s time to try couching! This process will make a dainty redwork design a lot more bold while giving it some added texture. Ready to give it a try? In this article – I’ll show you exactly how to do couching with an […]

How to do a multi-hoop machine embroidery project

How to do a machine embroidery multi-hoop project

Are you looking for a way to take your embroidery machine skills up a notch? Want to tackle bigger and bolder projects, but don’t know where to start? It’s time to think big and do a machine embroidery multi-hoop project! I recently took on one of my biggest multi-hoop projects to date – a retro […]

How to embroider on a polo

How to embroider on a polo

Do you want to embroider on a polo? Embroidered polos are a great way to show your team spirit or display your company loyalty. Many organizations like to order polos with embroidered logos for their employees. But, if you own an embroidery machine, you can do it yourself. In fact, I learned to embroider on […]

what is a knockdown stitch for machine embroidery

What is a knockdown stitch?

Who doesn’t love a cozy sherpa or blanket when the weather gets chilly? Plush outerwear and home decor make the perfect holiday gift. Plus – they’re also great for personalizing with a name or a monogram using your embroidery machine.  The only problem is that plush, nappy fabrics  aren’t the easiest fabrics to work with. […]

Stabilizer you need for machine embroidery

What stabilizer to use for machine embroidery

Machine embroidery stabilizer can be a bit of an enigma when you are new to the craft . There are so many varieties, it’s hard to sort out exactly what stabilizer to use for machine embroidery. Fortunately, if you are just getting started, there are just a few different types of stabilizer you really need […]

how to remove jump stitches

How to remove jump stitches

Never heard of jump stitches?  Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed them. Jump stitches are the stitches that an embroidery machine makes when it finishes stitching one object out and needs to move over to another object to start stitching. They are not intended to be part of the design. Most often you want them to […]

10 tips for machine embroidery on children's clothing

Machine embroidery on children’s clothes – tips for the beginner

An embroidery machine is an ideal tool for making one-of-a-kind children’s clothing without YOU having to make the item from scratch.  You can easily buy some adorable blanks and then customize the garment with a name, monogram or embroidery design. My embroidery machine has been a secret weapon over the years when I needed to […]

how to monogram a shirt pocket

How to monogram a shirt pocket

Got a boring dress shirt that you want to spice up a bit for one of the men in your life? Monogram a shirt pocket on a men’s dress shirt to create the perfectly polished high end preppy look. I just did this on one of my husband’s shirts and I love the way it […]