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In-the-hoop wine tag for awkward Thanksgiving meals.

In-the-hoop wine tag for those awkward Thanksgiving meals.
In-the-hoop wine tag for those awkward Thanksgiving meals.

A friend of mine is totally and completely dreading her Thanksgiving dinner.  Let’s just say she has a bit of strained relationship with her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law.  Nevertheless – the matriarch has insisted that they all dine together for Thanksgiving.  AWK-WARD!!

We have had several discussions about coping strategies – agreeing that consuming the perfect amount of alcohol to “take the edge off” a bit is probably wise.  You see – we are both loving drunks – so even people we are not so crazy about become more tolerable after a glass or two of fine.

So to put her in the right spirit I will be delivering a bottle of pinot grigio with the pictured tag attached that I designed and made in-the-hoop on my embroidery machine.   And I CAN NOT wait to bring it over.

Perhaps you are in a similar situation?  You gotta laugh (and have a drink).

In-the-hoop Thanksgiving wine tag is now available on the Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store.

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What the heck is an “in the hoop” embroidery project?

Since I have gotten seriously into embroidery over the past year, I have been hearing more and more about “in the hoop” (ITH) designs.  Not being completely sure what this is…but getting the strong sense that “in the hoop” projects are lots of fun and completely additive… I posed the question to my embroidery Facebook peeps.  Here’s how they responded.

Me: HI guys – can someone explain what an “in the hoop” design it? I am almost embarrassed to ask. I think I get it but not 100% positive.


Response 1: An “in the hoop” item is a free standing item like a banner piece , purse, crayon roll, ect the list is endless

Response 2: It’s is a big reason for hoop upgrade

Response 3:  I do lots of ITH and I mainly use 5×7 and 4×4 hoops. A lot of designer websites have a ITH category as well as Applique etc. There will always be instructions with these designs and there are are lots of you tube demo’s showing you what to do as well.

Response 4: …and ideally no other sewing or very little

Response 5: I’m also new in ITH projects, I tried my first one just 2 days ago, but I can say.. I love them!! I made this small coin purse, for example

Response 6:  No embarrassment needed. It is a design that is completed in a single hooping. Generally requires you to add material/notions at different points, but you should never have to unhook or rehoop, So the backing may be placed on top of the stitched design then stitched in place and the design turned right side out after removal or the backing may be applied to the back of the stitched design and a satin stitch run around the design to secure it.

Response 7: Some ITH items may need more than one hooping. Eg if the back and front are quilted etc. You would get one part ready remove ftom the hoop then start the next bit in the hoop finally adding yout first part to it

Response 8: Check out embroidery garden. She has great in the hoop… so does Five Star Fonts

Response 9: Oh Julia you are crossing into the dark side………LOLOL come on over……….it’s addictive !!!

Well I have to admit, I am intrigued.  I might have to try one of these projects.  But – coin purses?  Seriously – does anyone use a coin purse?