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The forget-me-not machine embroidery design. How come every flower is the same but look different?

Forget me not design stitched out on a deep blue fabric.
Forget me not design stitched out on a deep blue fabric.

I am a huge fan of Meringue Designs, especially the botanicals. I have stitched out the forget-me-not design a couple times in the past, most recently on these pillows I made for my mother-in-law. When she commented that she liked the original version I made, I decided it would be a great gift for her.

I addition, she had just redesigned her family room around a blue and white scheme. So I thought the forget-me-nots would look great on a blue fabric for her throw pillows. To make the pillows slightly more personal, I added a date to the side of the flowers to remember the year the pillows were made.

What I find so cool about this particular design is the simplicity of the forget-me-not flowers, but how they all look slightly different. The flowers are simply circles. I have been trying to determine exactly how the circles were made. They do not seem to be completely satin stitch, nor step fill. My guess is that they were gradient fills blending two of the same color. My plan is to do some tests to try to figure this out.

Interested in the design? It is not one of mine, but you can check it out on Meringue Designs.

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Machine embroidery Roman wreath design on pillow shams

2013-01-30 23.14.10
Roman Wreath Machine Embroidery Design by Meringue Designs

I am a huge fan of the Roman Wreath design by Meringue Designs. I have stitched this design out on a number of items and it always adds elegance to any item I put it on.  When you buy the design, you get all the letters as well in two different sized.  The small size is great for smaller items like pillowcases or small totes and the larger style is great for pillows and even placemats.

This summer I was inspired to spruce up our guest room.  We had been living in it for about a year while our master bedroom was under construction, and in the process it had become a dumping ground for a whole bunch of random stuff. So I cleaned it out and fixed it up.

One of my projects was to make a set of pillow shams. Once again the Roman Wreath design added a touch of class. I stitched it out on a remnant of fabric I purchased from my local upholstery fabric store, put together the shams and voila! a spruced up guest room!

2013-01-31 19.39.05
Guest bedroom with machine embroidered pillow shams
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Three cute, valentine-inspired machine embroidery designs and related projects

New Love Design Coming Soon on Meringue Designs

If I weren’t on vacation here in Florida this week, I would be digitizing up some valentine inspired designs because most of what I have seen so far is pretty tacky. Here are three cute designs that I discovered that broke the super-cheesy and inspire some simple valentines projects.

1) Let’s start with my favorite. I LOVE and aspire to digitize designs as cute as what I find on this site. Check out the new love design that was featured in the recent email. It will be coming to her site soon. This would be great on a pillow. The fabric/design combination is super fantastic.

2) I am usually not a huge fan of but I think this little heart border from would be cute on a knit headband for a young girl. (See previous post re: creating a knit headband from scratch.)

Heart Border from Ann the Gran
Heart Border from Ann the Gran

3) I am not sure why I like this design but I just do. It’s a little fussy but I think it might look cool on some placemats that might be used for a special valentines dinner. Or maybe I just appreciate the amount of time and skill it took to digitize this design. The Damask Heart Design was created by Dru and is sold via ETSY.

Damask Heart Machine Embroidery Design
Damask Heart Machine Embroidery Design – by Dru and sold on ETSY

Since Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love, why not show the love by embroidering a gift for the ones you love? And – yes – I promise to stop talking about it and start digitizing and stitching myself once I get home. Stay tuned!