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My new lotus flower embroidery design transforms a simple black tank dress.

2014-03-04 14.32.58Around Christmastime I found a simple black tank dress on the clearance rack at Old Navy for less than $10.  I thought it would be the perfect blank canvas for some crazy machine embroidery, so I snapped it up.

My friend, Alix, is a willing recipient of all my crazy embroidery creations (e.g. the sweatshirt I made for Christmas).  Since her birthday was at the end of February  (Leap Year, exactly, which is kind of bizarre), I had the perfect opportunity to do something crazy with this black dress and give it to her for her birthday.

Lately when I have been embroidering on skirts – I’ve embroidered designs around the hemline or up the front of the skirt.  I was really wanting to do something different.  Since this dress had such a high neckline I thought I would embroider something on the chest.  My only concern was that a design stitched out on the chest might look too casual.

Don’t ask me how I came up with the idea of a lotus flower design… but after test stitching it out, I knew I had a winner.  I just finished stitching the design on the dress and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

2014-03-02 14.57.13Maybe I should make something else for my friend and keep this one for myself?

The lotus flower embroidery design is now available on the Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store.



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Free machine embroidery design: “Cheers!”

Wine bags with machine embroidery
Wine bags with machine embroidery

It’s free embroidery design Monday and today I am going to share with you a file that I created over the weekend and actually used in a project. The file is the word “Cheers!” in a celebratory cursive typeface. It is the perfect size to stitched out on a gift bag, wine bag, apron, or any home decor item.

This weekend I attended a party given for my friend, Zellie, who recently completed her PhD. (I made her a really cute monogramed scarf… in case you missed it.)  For the two hostesses I gave them bottles of wine in homemade, embroidered wine bags. On one, I stitched out the word, “Cheers!” and the other, “Thank you.”

Want to use the “Cheers!” design and make a homemade wine bag?  Tomorrow I will be sharing exactly how to make these bags. But for the time being I hope you enjoy this free machine embroidery design.

Download the “Cheers!” Design


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Free anchor machine embroidery design for free design Monday

Free anchor machine embroidery design
Free anchor machine embroidery design

It’s Wednesday… yes I know.  But never too late for free machine embroidery design Monday.

I guess I am just feeling the preppy nautical spirit once again.  After making my whale appliqué design the other day, I started getting inspired by other preppy iconography.  What else could I digitize? I wondered. An anchor, of course!

How nautical, summertime, spirited, versatile and preppy.  I hope you like it!

Download the Anchor Machine Embroidery Design.

In case you missed it – over the weekend I posted a few new $1 designs on the Etsy store: the buck-toothed monster,  the triple-stitch rose appliqué, and the whale appliqué. As always – they are offered at the $1 price for the Etsy debut week only.

Thanks so much for subscribing to the blog! Hope you like this week’s design!


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What embroidery file types are the most common and how do you convert them?

In preparation to launch my ETSY store of machine embroidery designs, I have been wondering what file formats I should offer. In looking at other stores, I see that there is a little bit of variation among sellers with respect to what file formats they offer. The most common six file formats that
I have seen offered are: ART, PES, DST, HUS, VIP and JEF.

But before I forge ahead and simply offer these six file types, just because everyone else is, I decided it would be informative to find out what file types my Facebook friends are using, so I put the question out there to my machine embroidery Facebook groups. Here’s what I found out.

The vast majority of respondents are using PES files.  A few mentioned HUS, VIP, VP3, DST and ART – but nothing else.  This was a great question to ask as I learned A LOT about machine embroidery file formats – more than I expected.  One of the group members explained what the VP3 format is.

VP3 is the format that current Viking & Pfaff machines use. Specifically, it is the format created by 5D Embroidery software. VIP is the older version created by 4D software. The top of line Vikings – Diamonds & Rubys can use any Viking format – HUS, VIP or VP3. The Topaz machines can only read VP3. They do, however, come with software to transfer designs from one format to another.

It seemed like based on their feedback the six file formats that everyone is offering, make sense.  My expert digitizer buddy, Sue suggested:

It is best to offer in as many formats as you can to appeal to the majority of customers – if you don’t want to convert them all before putting up for sale, then I would suggest .pes .hus .jef and .dst and .art if you can convert to this format – you could also put a note to say you can convert to other formats if requested, that way you will be covering them all

My only issue is that my software can only export in a few of these formats, which made me wonder, is there some type of conversion software that can be used to convert my files to other formats? It turns out there are.  Some of the companies who sell designs also offer conversion services on their web sites, e.g. but use is a bit limited. I also stumbled upon other conversion tools online.

Then I found an inexpensive standalone software that will do conversions to all of the formats I want to offer: Data 7 Consultancy’s package. Hooray!  As a test I converted a PES file to EXP format which is the format my machine reads when stitching it out and it worked beautifully.

One less obstacle between me and opening the ETSY store…