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New embroidery typefaces to digitize… but which one to choose?

Dear sweet, loyal, fantastic readers… (like how I am buttering you up already??)   I need a little bit of help.  You see, I am trying to figure out which typeface to digitize first and offer on my Etsy store.  But before I invest the time into digitizing one – I thought I would see which typeface you all liked best.

I have recently struck up a relationship with a typeface designer (Kimberly Geswein) whose types I admire.  We have worked out a licensing agreement which will allow me to digitize her typefaces and sell them in different sizes on my Etsy store.   This is fantastic because her typefaces are super awesome.  The problem?  Where to begin.

So the favor I am asking of you, dear, sweet, readers, is to please vote on which typeface you would like to see digitized first!  Here are my nine favorites.  What do you all think?  Please comment and let me know your favorite and that will be the one I digitize first.   Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

fonts-kg-behind-these-hazel-eyes fonts-la-belle-aurore fonts-janda-quirkygirl fonts-janda-curlygirl fonts-primary-italics fonts-architects-daughter fonts-janda-manatee fonts-drops-of-jupiter fonts-janda-stylish-script


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Monogram embroidery typeface now available – perfectly sized for the brim of a straw hat

Monogram embroidery typeface
Monogram embroidery typeface

Unless you have been living under a rock – you have probably know that I have been really into monogramming straw hats this summer.  I have made monogrammed straw hats for my mom and mother-in-law, my girlfriends, my sister-in-laws, my husband’s secretary and my co-worker’s mom.  This has definitely been my go-to gift of the summer.

Recently one of my embroidery Facebook friends asked about the typeface and how she could get it. I responded saying that I could create the individual letter files if anyone was interested.  After a couple of people liked my comment I got motivated to create all the files.

So I set up every letter as a separate file in two sizes.  The larger letters are about 2.7″ high and the smaller ones are about 2″ high.  Put together, these letters make a monogram that fits perfectly on the brim of a straw hat.  It’s pretty tedious to set up all the separate files (wah!) so I hope these letters will be helpful to you all and help you make your embroidered monogrammed hat.

Check out my monogram typeface on the Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store.


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Monogramming my new summer purse

Monogrammed Purse
Monogrammed Purse

I’m not a huge spender when it comes to purses.  I am pretty rough on them and after they look a bit beat up after a season or two, I’m on to the next one.  So I usually end up making a trip to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx and picking out a new purse on a fairly regular basis.

My new spring/summer purse is pretty simple. I actually had a hard time finding something that I liked. But this purse won me over with its ample pockets and zipper closures. The pockets on the ends of the purse are perfectly suitable for carrying a traveling coffee cup or a sippy cup. (AND just when I vowed to stop carrying liquids in my purse – I get the perfect one to do so… how ironic.)

The only downside to this purse is that it’s a little bit plain so I thought I might monogram it. I’m really not a monogram kind of gal, especially when it comes to kids clothes – I hate not being able to pass down items because of the stupid monogram.  But for stuff that doesn’t get passed down or for anything for a grown-up – I think a monogram is fine. Just not on the back of your car, please.

So I decided to monogram my purse.  The tricky part of the process was that the pocket was not very accessible. To secure the purse onto the hoop, I manipulated the file so that it stitched out a single line of stitching underneath where the letters would be stitched.  This immediately secured the purse in place and kept it from moving around on the hoop.

For the typeface I chose a modern looking sans serif called “Iris” and stitched it out in a bright yellow/orange thread.  I think it looks great on the pink purse with the bright green lining.


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Jane Austen typeface for machine embroidery

"indeed...." in Jane Austen typeface
“indeed….” in Jane Austen typeface

I recently read a book called All Roads Lead to Austen. I really enjoyed the book despite the fact that I have never read a book by Jane Austen or seen any of the movies. (That was sort of embarrassing to admit but, it is what is is… ) Anyway, the author is a professor of English literature and a specialist in Jane Austen who teaches at the University of Pacific in Stockton, California. Her project was to travel to Latin American countries and organize book groups to discuss Jane Austen novels. She wanted to see how different cultures interpreted the Austen novels. What i loved about this book is that the author created this outrageous project for herself (much like the mission I am undertaking with this blog) and a lot of unexpected things happened.

Anyway – by reading this book I became privy to the fact that there are Jane Austen groupies out there. And then shortly after the fact I met a real, live, Jane Austen groupie, my new friend, Julie Smith. Julie loves Jane Austen and requested that I try digitizing the Jane Austen typeface.

Who knew there was a Jane Austin typeface? But yes there is… so I downloaded it onto my computer and digitized the one keyword that Julie told me would have meaning for Jane Austen fans: “indeed…” I am thinking about digitizing the entire typeface and wondering if there might be any interest.. Please let me know! But that will be a project for another day.

Download the Jane Austen “indeed” file.


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Digitizing words in a foreign language for machine embroidery

Last year my husband and I went to Thailand, which was incredible… so culturally different from anywhere I have ever been. All of the vibrant colors and patterns in Thailand provided a lot of inspiration for machine embroidery designs. In fact, a few weeks ago I digitized an abstract modern flower that was inspired by a graphic I saw on a hotel wall and stitched it out on a denim skirt (which I have worn several times since I posted a few weeks back).

While we were there, we were intrigued by the Thai writing. The letterforms have such a bold unusual graphic shape.  There is something whimsical and innately appealing about the Thai writing and we wanted to remember it.  So, we bought many books and t-shirts to bring home and show the lettering style to our kids.  (Unfortunately some of the Thai to English translation in the dual language books is a bit questionable… so it makes it hard to enjoy the stories…)

Nevertheless – I thought it would be fun to try to digitize some Thai writing so I went to an online translation site to translate the word “Thailand” into Thai.  I then created a screen shot of the resulting Thai characters so that I could import it into my digitizing software.  Then I stitched it out.  I think that the resulting embroidery does a good job of capturing the spirit of the writing.  Now the question is – where should I use it?

"Thailand" in Thai - digitized and embroidered
“Thailand” in Thai – digitized and embroidered

I finally printed out several pictures from the trip and being that the Thailand trip provided so much inspiration for my machine embroidery – I thought it would be appropriate to make a custom embroidered photo album from the trip.  Now that I have some Thai words digitized – that project will come along soon.



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A retro cool fleece hat for a groovy lady

I am interested in embroidering using different typefaces that give a different character to a garment. So when my cleaning lady, Carol, who I adore, complimented me on the hats I was embroidering for my daughter’s party. I thought it would be a good opportunity to execute the same project as before but with a different look and feel.

I found the black fleece hat at, once again, my favorite source for cute, inexpensive items to embroider, Old Navy, for approximately $2. I wanted the hat to have a retro hipster feel, so I decided to embroider Carol’s name, (Carol told me explicitly that she wanted her name on the hat and not a monogram), with a groovy typeface I found, called Velocette, which reminds me of the old school Cadillac logo.

With Carol’s name stitched out in red on the hat in the velocette font and u think @niasion Accomplishe.” While I think the hat looks super cool, but most Importantly, it keeps Carol’s closely shorn head warm.

2013-02-08 16.24.02

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Cute machine embroidery font for a little girl

Old Navy has come through for me once again. I found the perfect cute little fleece hoodie for my three-year-old son’s girlfriend (seriously) who is turning four this weekend. I’m telling you… Old Navy is the place to go for these types of gifts. In January and February the clearance racks are full of assorted four dollar fleece hoodies.

So to give this hoodie some personalized flair, I embroidered Elise’s name on the front – as I have in the past. However I wanted to try something new, so I digitized this new super cute typeface that I discovered called “janda quirky girl,” which I think is the perfect blend of feminine, elegant and young. The typeface looks perfect stitched out on the little fleece I made for a Elise.

I would like to share the typeface with others but I am unsure of how machine embroidery typefaces are sold or distributed. Based on what I see on many of the Etsy machine embroidery design seller’s sites, the individual letters are sold as separate files and in three different sizes: 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inches, which is a lot of different files to generate, especially if you are making them in a variety of file types. But it doesn’t seem difficult to do, so I am excited to start creating some cute machine embroidery fonts.

2013-02-05 22.41.20
This machine embroidery font stitches out nicely and looks great on a girly fleece.