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The CUTEST bargain wholesale monogram blank dresses to personalize for Christmas… even if you don’t have a wholesale account.

As you may recall – in years past – I have been yapping about the personalized dresses that I’ve made for all the little girls in my family. This has been a great gift for several years, but now that my girls have become tweens and teens who only sport ATH-leisure, I’m not making as many as I used to.  However, I still think it’s a great gift for a little girl and now that I’ve discovered a new source for some super-cute monogram blank dresses, I may be at it again.

If your are interested in making some personalized little dresses for Christmas, there are a lot of ways to go about it.  Here are some resources from past blog posts + some new cute dresses that you can easily personalize with your embroidery machine!


Seriously – you can make this from a $3 t-shirt from Walmart and a scrap of fabric!  Check out my tutorial on how to make this cute little dress.

I used my appliqué triple stitch letter design for the single letter.


Walmart usually has a few different tunics available for about $7 that are suitable for embroidery.  You can see what I’ve done with them in the past, then scope out your local Walmart to see this year’s styles.


This weekend my sister-in-law let me in on a secret…. The darling dresses her little girls were wearing which LOOKED like Boden dresses were actually from Amazon and they were a fraction of the price… like $15.  SAY WHATTTT????

But you know what would make them a bit cuter? if they were monogrammed or appliquéd!

Check out these darling dresses on Amazon:  horses, birds and dinos.

Enjoy and happy embroidering!

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Time to stock up on easy gifts to embroider in 2014

A personalized fleece makes a great gift for a kid.
A personalized fleece makes a great gift for a kid.

I don’t know about you, but at this time of year I’m pretty shopped out. Between all the shopping I did and all the gifts I received, I’m pretty saturated with stuff. Because most of the general public is of this mindset, stores are doing everything they can to lure you back in. So if you can stomach going back to a store – why not take advantage of the situation and stock up on items to be embroidered at bargain basement prices? Having a stockpile of stuff on hand will make your life easier every time a birthday party rolls around.

One of my easy go-to gifts that kids seem to love are personalized fleece jackets and vests.  As I mentioned before, the OshKosh outlet had a ton of cute ones that they were selling for $9 prior to Christmas. On-line they are marked down to $7.99 but they are probably even less expensive in the outlet store.  Old Navy has some really cute fleeces – especially for babies that are marked down to $6 each.  The Children’s place has fleece hoodies for girls on sale for $6.99.

Fleeces jackets and vests aren’t the only easy gift for kids.  I have embroidered hats and gloves, fleece blankets, t-shirts, lunch boxes and tote bags.  I’m sure that the clearance racks are packed with these goodies.

Getting psyched about going shopping now?  If your New Years Resolution is to be more prepared and spend less money in 2014 – this could be your solution.

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What are your sources for blanks for machine embroidery and appliqué? Five sources for embroidery blanks

Today I am working on my on-line Christmas shopping from Florida. Yes – I realize that you could on-line shop from anywhere but Florida is a hell-of-a-lot nicer than St. Louis at this time of year. It’s barely above freezing today in St. Louis and lets just say I’m wearing shorts down in Florida.

Anyway – one of my Christmas gift ideas for my kiddos + my nieces and nephews are personalized ski totes. After a family ski trip this year and going through the pain of identifying each kid’s helmet, gloves, hat, etc… each morning I thought – they each need a little tote to store all their ski garb. This way we could have a series of totes hanging on the hooks and after skiing – each kid just dumps their stuff into their own tote. The next morning it would be easy-peasy getting each kid dressed and out the door.

With this in mind – I have been on a mission to find some inexpensive totes to embroider with my skier + initial design that are large enough to hold a helmet + some accessories, yet durable enough to stand up to embroidery. Now this may seem a little crazy – but I think I might even dye the totes different colors to correspond with each family prior to embroidering.  I leaning towards buying the totes from Dharma Trading Company.  The benefit of Dharma is that you can buy just one. For this reason – I  also tend to buy my blanks at Walmart and Old Navy.

But for those of you more serious about making A LOT of products – here are some other resources.


2) Wholesale Boutique – must have a tax id

3) Blanks Boutique – cute Christmas pajamas  – don’t need tax id

4) Thread Art – again – must have tax id

5) Discount Embroidery Blanks  – tax id needed

What do you all think?  Please share your thoughts about great sources for blanks!

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The “I” appliqué initial letter dress

A few months ago I impressed myself by pulling together a sweet little personalized initial dress for our neighbor who was turning two. I made the dress by stitching her initial on a t-shirt and adding a colorful striped fabric for the skirt portion of the dress. It was a hit and several more of these dresses followed shortly afterwards. (Seriously – I think I made about five more of these dresses for all the nieces for Christmas.)

My daughter, Ilse, fell in love with this print fabric that I purchased at the Fabric Nosherie and requested that I make her a dress out of this fabric. The fabric pattern is called Zoology by Michael Miller and it can be purchased from various sources on-line.

Ilse is bananas for this dress. I am not kidding – every time it comes out of the laundry it goes back on her body. Now that I have digitized all the letter outlines – the whole process of making this dress goes a lot quicker!

The applique initial "I" dress - it's a favorite!
The applique initial “I” dress – it’s a favorite!
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Cute machine embroidery baby gift – courtesy of my trip to Thailand

Embroidered burp cloths from Thailand
Embroidered burp cloths from Thailand

I can not even begin to describe the number of cool, unique things I discovered on my trip to Thailand.  In the particular town where I stayed there was a nightly market – which was a huge bonanza of local crafts and cheap trinkets.  Thanks to the night market I brought home an entire extra duffel bag full of momentos.

Anyway – one item I discovered at the night market were these little towel / burp cloths that came with a cute hand-made toy ring.  I picked up several of these for about $3/piece.  I think they make a great baby gift.

One issue I ran into when trying to embroider on these cloths was that the material was very cheap.  I ended up destroying one of them by not backing it sufficiently prior to embroidering.

So what if you can’t make it to Thailand to get some great items to embroider?  In China Town in many cities there are oodles of shops that carry linen and cloth items that are perfect for machine embroidery.   (See previous post re: orange placemats from China Town in Vancouver).   Happy Asian shopping!