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embroidery machine maintenance

Embroidery Machine Maintenance Tips

It’s a lesson that is taken taken me a long time to learn. When you take care of things –  they last longer. I know it may seem obvious, but for me it took years to appreciate that sentiment. And, it is one that definitely applies to your embroidery machine. The better you take care […]

Why is the thread breaking on an embroidery machine

Why is the thread breaking on an embroidery machine?

Having the thread break over and over again on your embroidery machine can be a maddening experience. It can make a 5 minute project turn into a 45 minute ordeal due to the constant rethreading of the machine again and again. In the past, when this would happen to me, I would usually give up, […]

how to fix embroidery mistakes

How to fix embroidery mistakes

It happens to the best of us. Despite taking preventative measures to try to avoid messing up, we are human and we make mistakes sometimes on our machine embroidery projects. And it can be SO FRUSTRATING. When this happens to me, my inclination is to simply throw the item away. But, after a few years […]

how to remove embroidery

How to remove embroidery

We’ve already established the fact here that every machine embroidery enthusiast makes mistakes. And when the mistake is really bad, sometimes the best solution is to rip out your stitches and start again. But if you’re new to this game (or you have never made a mistake), you’re probably wondering how to remove embroidery. Is […]

10 embroidery mistakes and how to avoid them

10 Machine Embroidery Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When you’ve spent over 10 years working with an embroidery machine, you’re bound to make a few embroidery mistakes. This is certainly true for me. The funny thing is – the more I share stories with other machine embroidery geeks, the more I hear the same stories again and again. It seems we’ve all made […]

Why are my needles breaking

Why are my needles breaking on my embroidery machine?

I sit there, mesmerized, watching my embroidery machine do its thing… happily humming along, then suddenly – POP – the needle breaks. After a brief moment of gratitude that the needle tip did take my eye out, and carefully disposing of the tip before it ends up in my foot, I change the needle and […]


Why is my bobbin thread showing on top? Tips to keep your machine embroidery stitching looking great.

It’s Saturday morning at 11:37 and you decide to monogram a gift for a party that starts in 23 minutes.  You got this, right? Hoop and score the stabilizer, thread the machine, center the shirt on the stabilizer and get ready to go… But then, your embroidery machine starts stitching like absolute CRAP, and why […]