Chinese year of the snake baby onesies for a boy and a girl

By on August 26th, 2013
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A couple of months back I digitized 12 applique designs, one for every Chinese year. At the time I imagined I would stitch the designs out a ton – appliqueing a baby onesie with the design representing the Chinese year of the baby’s birth.  However, so far I have just made one that I even packaged in a Chinese takeout container to give as a gift to a friend. But I guess my friends are getting too old to be having babies, because the opportunity hasn’t presented itself, until just recently.

Lately babies are popping out like crazy. Last week I received a surprise email from an old high school friend who just gave birth to a little girl last week. (Didn’t even know she was pregnant).  Then my husband tells me his work colleague’s wife just gave birth. And if this weren’t enough – a friend of mine who saw the previous baby onesie I made asked if I could make one for her friend who is having a baby later this month. Clearly the time had come to crank out some of these Chinese year baby onesies.

And crank away I did… I made two little girl baby onesies and one for a little boy using scraps of fabrics from my sewing room.   The fabric on the boy onesie is from Citycraft in Dallas. The fabric on the girl onesie is a remnant from my daughter Ilse’s duvet. I wish I would’ve used anymore contrasting thread color for the boy onesie because the characters don’t stand out very well. But in general I think they turned out respectably enough to give as gits.

While I was initially nervous about stitching out a design on a baby onesie due to the tightness of the space, it’s actually not as hard as I thought. You just must be extremely careful that the excess fabric does not get pulled into the stitching area.  Slow the machine down!

if you like the design, all 12 Chinese new year applique designs are available in my Etsy online store.

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