Chinese Zodiac character embroidery designs on three different sized baby onesies.

By on November 8th, 2013
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baby onesies with chinese year symbol
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A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had been contacted by someone via Etsy who wanted to give a friend a set of baby onesies with my Chinese Zodiac Character embroidery design stitched out on them as a baby shower gift. The problem was that she didn’t have an embroidery machine to make them. She wanted to know if she could buy the finished onesies from me.

Clearly I love machine embroidery but I like making the designs for other embroiderers – not making finished garments for people. I am a digital girl who likes to operate in a digital world. But when you tell me you like my design so much that you want to buy a finished garment… how could I say no? I am a sucker for flattery.

After some back and forth on applique fabric – she needed a gender neutral fabric – and wanted the stitching in yellows and greens. So – I pitched some fabric options and didn’t get much of a response. Then I pitched the grey and white Chevron fabric that I used on the baby onesie for baby Brinley – and she loved it.

Unfortunately the baby shower is this weekend so I had to rush like crazy to get it done. But it all went smoothly… (Had I taken on this project a year ago I probably would have destroyed 17 onesies to get 3 good ones.) I actually think they turned out pretty well.  I’ll let her figure out the packaging… but I will email her the cards that go with the designs.

Like the Chinese Zodiac symbol design – check it out on my Etsy store.

On a different note – I was recently contacted via my Etsy store by a woman asking if I could resize the design to make it a bit larger so that it would fill a 4″ x 4″ hoop. This is not a problem – so there are others who would like to see this larger size added to the listing, I am happy to oblige. Thanks.

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