Crazy in-the-hoop personalized baby toy

By on April 16th, 2014
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crazy in the hoop toy
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Monday was a very exciting day for our family because my new niece was born. And especially exciting for me because the new baby means an opportunity to try out a new baby gift on my embroidery machine.

When my daughter was little one of her favorite toys was a circular plush plush weird looking to play called a “Whosit”. The toy had was made of a lot a lot of high contrast fabrics and patterns and made a little bit of noise. And, it conveniently clipped onto her car seat.

Recently, it occurred to me that you could probably make a similar kind of toy in the hoop. So, I started putting together the file in my digitizing software. The only problem was that the face I came up with looked a little bit too sterile because I had made the face elements from the oval tool in my digitizing software. The face needed to look a little bit goofier.

Who better to draw me a goofy monster face than my friend Alix? She’s been making goofy animal and monster faces for 35 years. When I explained my dilemma, within five minutes she sent me some goofy face illustrations. And my mission was accomplished, the face definitely looked a lot sillier.

The file that I set up actually worked pretty well although I still need to go back and make a couple of tweaks. You will see in my examples that the eyes and mouth are the same color, but I realize that others may want to have these two shapes as different colors. So I will need to make that adjustment.

Wow! This toy can be made in one hooping! But, if you want to personalize it, you will need to stitch out a name on the back piece of the toy before getting started.

After I took the toy off the hoop, I removed all of the stabilizer and turned it right side out. I then added stuffing, a couple of bells to make sure it was a little bit annoying to her parents, and slip stitched up the hole.

I got lucky with the personalizing that I did on this toy, because at the time of construction, they were not 100% sure about the name. So, I just went with the name that they were leaning towards which is “Sayer” (my grandmothers maiden name) and fortunately I got it right.

This in-the-hoop design is now available! 

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