Crazy pattern + abstract flower embroidery design = 1 really crazy skirt

By on November 3rd, 2013
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my free skirt
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Check out my free skirt.  Yes – it was totally free. You see, this skirt started as a piece of fabric in my mother-in-law’s closet. One day, a few summers ago, she was cleaning out her fabric stash and was all set to give this particular piece of fabric away.  But I intervened.  I just thought it was kind of cute so I rescued it from its Goodwill fate.

For a few years the fabric didn’t do much more at my house than it had in hers.  But, one day I got inspired and decided to make myself a little skirt.  And then I decided to add a bit more. I know this print is busy – but I guess I was inspired by all the crazy print-on-print ensembles I had been seeing on Project Runway. I decided to embellish the skirt a bit more.

I used the abstract flower graphic that was originally inspired by a design on my sister-in-law’s dress and stitched it out eight times around the hem of the dress. I’m still debating about adding some red trim around the waist and hem, but I do think it turned out pretty cute.  Like the design?  check it out on my Etsy store.  Love the skirt? Hate the skirt? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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