Cupcake and Birthday Girl Machine Embroidery Design

By on January 10th, 2013
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I was inspired to make a headband for my girls on their upcoming birthday.  This presented a great opportunity to do some digitizing as well as embroider on knits.   I think the digitizing went pretty well but I still don’t have the technique down for embroidering on knits.

I simply cut out a large piece of cut-away fusible cut-away stabilizer, fused it to the t-shirt fabric and hooped both the t-shirt and the stabilizer.  I experienced a bit of puckering.  I think that I should have used another layer of stabilizer.

(I found a great message board re: embroidery on knits).
I will post the resulting headband once I am finished… too tired tonight.  But here is the design stitched out.

One thought on “Cupcake and Birthday Girl Machine Embroidery Design

  1. […] resulting headband was not perfect. It should have been a bit wider to accommodate the “birthday girl” design, but for the most part, I think she looked pretty stinking […]

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