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By on June 7th, 2013
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I took on the challenge of digitizing a galloping horse applique design. And when I say “challenge,” I’m not kidding. My client had an image of a jockey riding a horse from a blanket that she liked, and she wanted me to re-create it as an embroidery file.

The reason why digitizing this graphic was so hard was because it is an applique design that incorporates a lot of embroidery details. The stitching of the jockey and horse blanket lay over the applique fabric. in creating the outline satin stitch for the applique, I had to start and end precisely around the horse blanket and the jockey.

I was careful in specifying the stitch order of the embroidered pieces so that the connector strings would not be too long. I also varied the stitch angle on the different elements of the jockey’s body.

My test stitch sample turned out okay despite the fact that I used a very thick fabric for the appliqué. I would not recommend using such thick applique fabric for this particular design since embroidered elements span the background and the applique fabric and if the fabric is thick – it’s tough to make it look seamless over the design.

If anyone is interested in this particular design, the agreement that I made with my client allows me to sell the horse design on the Machine Embroidery Geek Etsy store. I will be offered on sale for $1 the remainder of the week.

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