Cute machine embroidery font for a little girl

By on February 6th, 2013
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Old Navy has come through for me once again. I found the perfect cute little fleece hoodie for my three-year-old son’s girlfriend (seriously) who is turning four this weekend. I’m telling you… Old Navy is the place to go for these types of gifts. In January and February the clearance racks are full of assorted four dollar fleece hoodies.

So to give this hoodie some personalized flair, I embroidered Elise’s name on the front – as I have in the past. However I wanted to try something new, so I digitized this new super cute typeface that I discovered called “janda quirky girl,” which I think is the perfect blend of feminine, elegant and young. The typeface looks perfect stitched out on the little fleece I made for a Elise.

I would like to share the typeface with others but I am unsure of how machine embroidery typefaces are sold or distributed. Based on what I see on many of the Etsy machine embroidery design seller’s sites, the individual letters are sold as separate files and in three different sizes: 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inches, which is a lot of different files to generate, especially if you are making them in a variety of file types. But it doesn’t seem difficult to do, so I am excited to start creating some cute machine embroidery fonts.

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