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Cute T-shirt for young girl using shirring and machine appliqué triple-stitch peace sign design

My daughter recently picked out some super ugly knit fabric at Walmart for I think about $1. She was asking me to make her something out of it and I thought it might not be so ugly once I discovered this great tutorial on the Meringue Designs website. (I am huge fan of Meringue Designs and have blogged about her machine embroidery designs in the past, but I had never followed any of her sewing tutorials). The tutorial I am referring to is for how to make a girls T-shirt inspired by a t-shirt from the brand Tea.

The shirt is designed to be made with a knit fabric. What makes it so cute is the light gathering around the high waist. The gathering is done via a shirring technique. Meringue designs referrers it’s visitors to a shirring tutorial on the ruffles and stuff blog, which is another great sewing tutorial site.

After cutting out the fabric – I appliqued a peace sign on the front of the shirt – using the triple-stitch peace sign design I digitized a few weeks ago. Then I was ready to start shirring.

Shirring requires the use of elastic thread. When I tried to purchase the elastic thread at Make it Sew fabrics in St. Louis, the woman who helped me told me that the only way I could get the shirring to work was to buy the Guttermann brand of elastic thread (which they happened to be out of stock of – ugh!) She also told me that I would also need a special presser foot for my Bernina to do the shirring.

I opted not to buy the presser foot and ended up buying the elastic thread at Walmart. I simply followed the directions in the Ruffles and Stuff tutorial which told me to wind the elastic thread in my bobbin. Well – guess what – the lady at Make it Sew was wrong. I didn’t need no stinkin’ Number 6 presser foot or Gutterman brand elastic thread!  The techniques described in the Ruffles and Stuff tutorial worked great.

My daughter loves her new T-shirt. Thank you very much to Ruffles and Stuff and Meringue Designs for the great tutorials. If you are interested in my triple stitch peace sign applique design, please contact me.

T-shirt created from tutorial on Meringue Designs blog
T-shirt created from tutorial on Meringue Designs blog

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