Digitizing a flower border for machine embroidery

By on April 2nd, 2013
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embroidered flower border
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Another one of my purchases from the Fabric Nosherie a couple weeks ago was a vintage-inspired printed cotton flowered fabric that I plan on using to make a sundress for my older daughter, Adelaide. My plan is to use the shirring technique that I executed a few weeks ago on the peace sign T-shirt and shirr the top of the sundress that will fit around the bust area. However instead of using five rows of stitching for the shirring I plan on using about 10 rows of stitching so that the shirred area is wider.

Creating a repeat pattern for machine embroidery is a little bit tricky because you want to repeat to look seamless. I planned the repeat design to occupy approximately 10 inches, so I marked off 10 inch segments on the fabric to be embroidered. Within each 10 inch segment I planned on putting down one instance of the border embroidery design.

Here is the result. And I have to admit – I am not crazy about the outcome. The repeat worked out fine but the color of the thread is too bright that it does not feel like it goes with the fabric. Also – the scale of the design seems to overpower the fabric.

So – nice idea in theory – but not so great in reality. Please check back for future (better) adventures in machine embroidery border designs.

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