Embroidering a baby blanket for baby Charley (the girl)

By on August 12th, 2013
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The cards that I have received from my good friend from college, Alix, over the past few years continue to surprise me. She lives on the other side of the country so I don’t see her that often. After college, Alix was a powerhouse professional – all the way through her 30s. She was living the life of a modern professional single woman when we showed up for a visit a few years ago with our messy children who promptly puked on the floor of her swanky bachelorette pad. (whoops! sorry!)

Imagine my surprise when I received a holiday card a couple years after our visit, and on the card appeared to be a picture of Alix with her new husband, Tom, and her new three teenage step sons. O-M-G. Of all people I could have never pictured with three boys – it would have to be my friend, Alix. I know people change, but my recollection was that in college she was wound a bit tight. How does life prepare you for inheriting three teenage step sons…? That just seems crazy.

Another year or so goes by and new card arrives from Alix. It’s a baby announcement! Welcome baby Charley – born in April 2013. Holy cow! Her first baby at 41. This is exciting. I had to send a gift and pass on my congratulations.

I immediately went out to purchase a blue baby blanket to embroider. Then I got back to my sewing room to take a closer look at the announcement to get the baby’s birth date to embroider it on the blanket. Then I noticed – the baby’s middle name is “Alexandra,” which I thought odd for a little boy. Then I realized (DUH)- Charley must be a girl!

So I am sending baby Charley a blue embroidered blanket. Oh well! I did use the Curlz typeface to make it look a bit more feminine, and I think it turned out pretty cute. My only regret is not using a thicker typeface. When embroidering on fleece the stitching can get a bit lost. Oh – and next time I get a baby announcement, I will read it more carefully to make sure it is gender appropriate!

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  1. This is a great story for the soul! Your words paint a picture and I enjoyed it! Thank you, Joan

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