Embroidering initials on backpacks for back to school and why you should just stick to initials

By on August 17th, 2013
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My kids started back to school this week, which means last year we needed to do some back to school shopping.  Among other things, we were in the market for some new backpacks. Last year’s models were too small and looking pretty beat up.

We started by browsing online at landsend.com. They have great quality stuff, and they will even do the embroidery for you. But when you have your own embroidery machine, how can you in good conscience let Lands End do the embroidery for you? Also through Lands End you don’t have a lot of choices for thread color, and you are limited to seven characters for the embroidery. When your name is Adelaide, like my daughter, seven characters just isn’t going to cut it.

On a whim, my girls and I popped into Marshall’s the other day to see if they had any backpacks.  Turns out they have a great selection. And, they had some good quality brands like Jansport for less than half the price of the backpacks we were looking at on Lands End. Naturally, my girls picked out the two craziest looking backpacks and brought them home for me to embroider.

When I told my sister about the our plan for embroidering our backpacks, and how Lands End would only do seven characters which motivated me to do the embroidery myself, she informed me that you’re actually not supposed to put the kids’ first names on the outside of their backpack. Apparently it’s for safety because a stranger could start calling a child by their first name and convince a child to go with him. Okay… so we definitely don’t want to do that. So I decided to simply stick with stitching initials onto the backpack.

Our first step was to choose typefaces for the embroidery. My older daughter selected a casual but modern typeface for her Navajo inspired backpack, and my little one chose the Angelica typeface for her crazy sketchbook style backpack. Both turned out great, although because my little one started coloring all the white spaces its almost impossible to see the embroidery…

The one tip I would suggest in putting initials on backpacks is the same as putting initials on straw hats. Digitize the initials or monogram, digitize the center letter to stitch out first. Doing so, it helps to secure the item to the stabilizer and holds it all in place.

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