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Embroidery machine dilemma. Need your advice.

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The “my sister is feeling guilty” gift of applique fabrics

Dear embroidery friends: I have a major dilemma for which I need your advice. Maybe you remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my sister’s broken embroidery machine. Her power board blew up which required a $700 repair. So right now her machine is at the shop awaiting parts to come in, and then be repaired.

It is an incredibly inopportune time for an embroidery machine to break down. Christmas is only a couple weeks away and, like me, she has grand visions of embroidered Christmas gifts she would like to make. So she has asked if she can come over and embroider some items on my machine.  Actually what she really wants to do is to take my machine over to her house and use it while I am out of town this week.

So let me just paint a clearer picture for you. She broke her embroidery machine. She needs to pay $700 to fix it. Now she wants to use my embroidery machine too make many projects that were my ideas (personalized dress, fishbone t-shirt) with my embroidery files. Really??

So needless to say I’m a bit torn. I don’t want to have to pack up my embroidery machine and have it be schlepped over to her house, and then pick it up when I come back into town. I also don’t want her to screw it up and end up having to pay $700 myself to get it fixed.

I think she’s feeling a little bit bad about the request because the other night when she stopped by to quickly stitch out name out on a birthday gift, she brought over a sampling of great applique fabric for me to use.  Still – this is not worth potentially having my machine screwed up… ugh!!! what to do??? thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Embroidery machine dilemma. Need your advice.

  1. There are certain things I will NOT loan or let anyone else use of mine, toothbrush, undies, hubby and my embroidery machine.

    1. Ha ha! We’re sisters so we’ve shared undies. But not toothbrush and not hubbies. (Although we are married to 1st cousins…)

  2. Sorry but family is family,,,, I would loan anything and everything to my sister,,,, I now own my own machine because she wouldn’t loan hers to me,,, but that doesn’t matter to me, I understand her position, she has a husband to deal with, but things can be replaced, but family can not! I say create a deal, if it breaks, we split the cost of repair, because it could be ready to break next time you use it also, and not be totally not be her fault,,,, better to help her now so she will help you later. Just my opinion!

  3. I don’t have a sister so I don’t know what that bond is like but I do know what the bond between a brother and sister is like and if my brother asked to borrow my machine….I would say yes…I’d have to do it….I would look back at our history and think,…when my husband died and I was so alone in upstate NY, he was the only family member that came to stand by my side…He has always had my back no matter the situation…It wouldn’t have much to do with embroidery machines…just the fact that he was my brother and he has been there for me…what about your sister?….

    But my answer would be go with your gut feeling…Have an agreement that if anything happens, sister will immediately have it repaired etc etc…

    1. wow. I would loan my machine to your brother, too. He sounds wonderful.

  4. if she can embroider something super cool (like super-hero quality) for some underpants (think underoos), and somebody wears them on their head (or accidentally wears them in the neck of their parka at the airport) then I would totally oblige. Otherwise, the deal is a no go.

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