Expanding the line of U.S. state embroidery files… 3 done 47 to go.

By on October 19th, 2013
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California applique design
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Last week I responded to a request for an appliqué design for the state of Tennessee saying that I would be more than happy to create a TN appliqué file.  Digitizing  the U.S. states was something that I had planned on doing – but digitizing 50 states is a bit of a daunting task.  Needless to say – I haven’t done that yet.

Then I got a brilliant idea.  I decided to offer one of my states appliqué designs in several different sizes + one small filled embroidery design (starting with Tennessee) on my Etsy store and tell customers that if they bought one – I would send them one for free.  I figured – what great motivation to start digitizing more states.

Well – so far the plan is working.  Two people have purchased the TN file and have requested as their free files: California and Alabama.  So now I am 3 for 50 and well on my way to digitizing the all the U.S. States.  (sort of…)

Now that I have California done, I listed it on my Etsy store for search engine optimization purposes.  I am hoping this will attract a different demographic than the TN file I have posted which may lead to more sales – and getting more states done.

What is most interesting for me about this project – is to see what states are being requested.  So far it seems that most of my customers are from the South and Midwest.  Are we the only ones who have caught machine embroidery fever?

2 thoughts on “Expanding the line of U.S. state embroidery files… 3 done 47 to go.

  1. When will New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and New York be available? Thank you

    1. whenever you want. I am making them as the orders are placed. So just order one of the states (TN or CA) that are posted and I will make you whatever two states you want. Just let me know. I will provided the sizes like what is listed for those states.

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