Finding inspiration for embroidery design in Laguna Beach

By on November 13th, 2013
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One of the great perks of my various jobs is that I get to travel – A LOT. At this time of year it’s almost too much. (I know I know – break out the violins) But I always relish an opportunity to see somewhere I have never seen before.  As you might be aware – when I travel one of the things I like to do is to go to cool fabric stores in my destination city.

This past week when I was in Laguna Beach, CA – going to a fabric store was not really in the cards.  The reason why? I was traveling with my husband and seeking out a fabric store in our precious, uninterrupted time together simply wasn’t in the cards.  However – I did get to do the next best thing… visit cool, eclectic shops and get inspired.

Laguna Beach is an artsy little community, filled with a mix of high-end boutiques, surf shops, art galleries and funky little unique stores.  (It is also home of the “Shakra Shack” which made me and my hubby giggle to no end.)  Anyway – one of my favorite stores where we found some beautiful glass ornaments to bring home to the kids was called, “Tuvalu.”  It is a mecca of home decor items, especially geared towards your beach-front second home.

Even though I don’t have a beach-front second home – I got tons of inspiration for embroidery designs in this store.  There were tons of hand towels with cute sayings and bold beach-inspired prints.  Have a visit to the Tuvalu site and maybe you will get inspired too.

Beautiful Laguna Beach

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