Found a cute, independent fabric shop on the East Side

By on October 11th, 2013
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Fabric Plus
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There is a term that we, St. Louisans, use when you live in St. Louis and travel across the Mississippi River into Illinois. We affectionately refer to that journey as visiting “the East Side.” Today I made this trip due to a University retreat over at Pere Marquette State Park north of Grafton, IL which is across the Mississippi River from St. Louis and a ways up north along the river on the Illinois side.

For those of you who can’t imagine natural beauty in a gritty city like St. Louis, you should definitely make this drive some time. It is absolutely beautiful, especially now that the leaves are changing color. And it was an amazingly clear day, so I enjoyed the view of the many sailboats that were out. (Yes – there are actually people crazy enough to sail on the Mississippi river among the huge barges traveling downstream.) But I digress…

Anyway let’s get to the important part of today’s blog: discovering a new fabric store. I get kind of tired of going to the same-old-same-old fabric stores in my area. So I get excited to see independent fabric stores anywhere I go, and I actually seek them out when I travel.

On my way up to the conference, I stopped in a little town in Illinois called Wood River. It has an old-timey looking downtown area. When I noticed a little independent hardware store on the main street, I typed “fabric store” in my iPhone, and lo-and-behold I discovered I was only a couple blocks away from this little gem: Fabric Plus.

Fabric Plus has a great selection of fabrics, and definitely stuff that you don’t see at every Hancock and JoAnn.  And here’s the plus… the owner of Fabric Plus also owns the costume shop next store.  A fabric store owner that also knows costumes???  Could there be any better place to go to buy supplies for your Halloween costume?  It’s worth a trip to the East Side.

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