Free embroidery Monday – a simple flower inspired by “Forest Life” fabric

By on July 13th, 2013
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free machine embroidery designs

It’s free machine embroidery design Monday… or at least it was a few days ago! And being that I am super behind on my blog, I reached into my archive of digitized designs and found this simple, flower embroidery design.

I actually digitized this design last summer when I was making my daughter’s duvet cover. I bought the primary fabric for the duvet, “Forest Life” by Michael Miller at a great little fabric store in Savannah, Georgia called Fabrika. In making the duvet, I digitized several of the objects in the fabric design and stitched them out on other parts is the duvet.

One of my digitized designs was a simple, geometric flower. I think this is a versatile design that could be a focal point on an item or clothing or repeated all over a fabric to make a groovy pattern. I hope that you can find some use for it.

Download the free simple flower embroidery design inspired by the “Forest Life” Fabric.

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