Free machine embroidery design Monday – footprints – this time for a human!

By on October 4th, 2013
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free footprint machine embroidery design
free machine embroidery designs

Well – as you can see it is clearly Thursday and I am writing about Monday’s free file.  Let’s just say I am a bit behind. Big deadline…lots of work… won’t bore you with the details.  (But let’s just say that the client was VERY happy! So I am relaxing here, writing my blog, with a glass of wine next to me, looking forward to getting in bed early tonight.)

Ok – back to embroidery.

In thinking about my recent free embroidery designs, I thought about how last week I posted an embroidery design of a paw print.  Based on the feedback I received after posting this design, I thought other footprint embroidery designs might be of interest as well.  Why not digitize a human footprint?

This set of footprints is pretty small – about 2.5″ tall and wide.  Hopefully it will be useful to you all.

Download the free footprint embroidery design

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