Free sun appliqué stitched out on a t-shirt. Design by Ilse!

By on September 23rd, 2013
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My daughter, Ilse, (as you may have learned from this blog) has a very distinct and particular (yet slightly demented) style. Her visions always seem to be working their way into the sewing project queue. But I have to admit, once I make something based on one of her visions – she does wear it quite a bit (case in point – the “I” dress), so I really can’t complain. And, I’m fostering her creativity, right?

Anyway – one of her latest visions that has been sitting around my sewing room for the past couple of weeks is her neon orange sun shirt. She spotted this shirt at JoAnns the other say when we were buying $1 t-shirts for Thomas’ silly face party favors. Of course the orange shirt was not in the $1 bin – but whatever – it was pretty inexpensive. Anyway -Ilse got very excited about me stitching out a sunset on the orange shirt, which eventually evolved into a sun shirt, because, how do you appliqué a sunset?

Well I have to hand it to my little blonde on this one. The shirt is pretty cute, but a tad bright. On the flip side, it will be easy to spot her in a crowded place.

Like Ilse’s t-shirt? I posted this sun appliqué design as the free design of the week a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!

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