Geting inspired for designing applique patterns by my student’s astrological t-shirt

By on October 9th, 2013
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In my real life (not my virtual life as an embroidery blogger) I am a professor of interactive media at Webster University in St. Louis. Many of my students put in very little effort into what they wear to class (read: show up in their pajamas), but occasionally one of them shows up in something that gives me some inspiration.

One of my students, Mindy – who is adorable, frequently wears a t-shirt silkscreened with her astrological symbol: Capricorn. She clearly loves this shirt because she is wearing it almost every time I see her.

Seeing her in this shirt and knowing how much she loves it gave me the brilliant idea to digitize a set of astrological symbols as appliqué files. If Mindy loves it, won’t somebody else?

Thanks, Mindy for being my model and giving me such a great idea.  xo.

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