Getting inspired by traditional fancy insect embroidery designs

By on July 22nd, 2013
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Happy “Inspiration Sunday” everyone. Here’s something I have learned from the many hours I have spent at the local library this summer… if you are looking for inspiration for machine embroidery, your local library can almost always deliver. While my kids are checking out books and movies – I head over to the art and embroidery books and look for ideas of designs to digitize.

This week I found a book called: “Colorful Stitchery” by Kristin Nicholas. The focus of the book is on traditional embroidery – however many of the designs could be recreated for the machine. (Traditional embroidery designs have provided plenty of inspiration in the past.)

One of my favorites in the book were bug embroidery designs that they had stitched out on velvet. Personally I think bug designs are cool. When I set up the tarantula applique design a few months back and showed it to my Facebook embroidery friends – most of them were not into it at all. In the back of my mind I had a vision of stitching out more refined looking bugs on home decor items.  I just love this picture because it captures the spirit of what I had in my mind.

Now I am super psyched to take another crack at digitizing bugs. Look out embroidery ladies… more bug designs are on the way!

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