Gift for my father-in-law, part 1: a monogrammed doppkit

By on September 30th, 2013
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monogrammed doppkit
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I am finally making some progress on my father-in-law’s birthday gift.   His birthday was over a week ago – ugh!  In my defense – I picked out a couple of items that are a little tricky to embroider on: a doppkit and a tie.  But – part 1 – the doppkit – is officially done.

I was inspired to embroider a doppkit after having made one for myself.  I found this doppkit for father-in-law at Marshalls. It cost less than $15, and is really nice.  Actually – it’s a lot better quality than the one I made for myself – but a bit harder to work with.  Monogramming my doppkit went as smoothly as butter – but this one – not so much.

What made this particular doppkit so tricky to monogram was that it had a some very rigid pieces within its structure – so it was not very maneuverable.  I struggled to keep it in place while the letters were stitching out. I probably should have actually hooped the doppkit – but alas – I did not.

It’s not perfect – but I am sure it’s a huge step up from the 25-year-old doppkit my father-in-law is still using.

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