Gift for my father-in-law part 2: the monogrammed tie

By on October 6th, 2013
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monogrammed tie
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Well… I did it. I monogrammed my first tie, and I already have it packed up and ready to be shipped out to my father-in-law as part of his birthday present (only two weeks late). I bought this simple, silver tie at Marshalls for about $8.  At this price, I could afford to try something new.

Here’s what I learned when it comes to monogramming a tie: it’s really not that big of a deal.   But because I had never embroidered on a tie, before doing so, I asked my Facebook embroidery friends for their advice.

One of the suggestions that was given to me via my Facebook embroidery groups was to use extra stabilizer since a tie is cut on the bias and would be prone to stretching.  But actually the tie material had very little stretch to it. So I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

The whole process was actually pretty easy. Because the embroidery area is so small – you can get away with doing it on the mini hoop, and, of course, a small amount of embroidery goes really, really fast.

As you can see from the picture, I decided to do a three letter monogram instead of a single initial. Frankly, I think the single initial concept is more elegant. But I decided to go with the full monogram along the bottom of the tie – taking my father’s advice, as he thought a three letter monogram felt more custom and personal. Also, monogramming at the end of the tie prevented me from having to take that tie back seam out to open it up for a single letter monogram higher up on the tie.  See? Easy Peas-y.

Now that I have seen how easy monogramming on a tie is – I am ready to do some more.  This may be my go to gift for all the men in my life.

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