Got baseball fever? Got you covered with these baseball themed embroidery designs

By on September 13th, 2013
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Let me start by say that I am not a hardcore baseball fan. But when the post-season is approaching it’s hard not to catch a little bit of baseball fever. From what I have been hearing, the Cardinals are in the running for the National League Central Division pennant. Again – I know this from what I hear/read – not necessarily because I follow. Nevertheless, I am still excited, and I will definitely be watching the post season games (assuming the Cardinals do make it to the playoffs).

Much unlike me, one of my coworkers, Bryan is a HUGE Cardinals fan. He also recently bought a new house. With all that in mind, I thought he would be the perfect recipient of my “I heart STL – Cardinals” embroidery design stitched out on some kitchen towels. I gave them to him yesterday – and with the understanding that he is not an overly effusive kind of guy – I think that he liked and appreciated the towels. Most importantly, though…. I converted the design to all applicable formats and the “I love St. Louis” design is now on my Etsy store in two sizes.

And being that baseball is on my mind these days… I thought it was an appropriate moment to revisit my baseball design (that I made a while ago especially for my daughter’s sporty friend, Stella) and add a size that would fit inside a 4″ x 4″ hoop. If you go check out the baseball design on the Etsy store you will now see that two sizes are included for an even lower price!

So, wait – are you saying you’re not a Cardinals fan? Let me know your favorite team and perhaps we can figure out the way to adapt the design.

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