Guest Blogger: Julie Smith’s unconventional embroidery design suggestions

By on May 9th, 2013
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Today my good buddy, Julie Smith… (you remember her… recipient of the Switzerland photo album and one of the three, lovely American goddesses who gave me the idea for digitizing the Jane Austen typeface).  Anywhoooo…. Julie has given me the wonderful gift of time today by being my guest blogger… weighing in on some graphics she would like to see digitized.  I apologize in advance if I am offending anyone.  Remember, these are Julie Smith’s ideas, not necessarily the opinion of this web site.  So here’s what Julie has to say.

I know how you crafty embroidery people are.  You’re really cute, and mannerly and polite.  Entirely too polite sometimes, I think.  Always saying “Excuse me” when you walk in front of me at Jackman’s….or tell me my fabric is “cute” when I am at JoAnn’s.  I know how you all are.   Entirely too nice and cute.

Well, I think you all need more snark in your life.  And I’d like to offer up some snarky suggestions for machine embroidery.  Is there any reason you can’t be crafty AND bad-ass at the same time?  I think it’s possible.  And I’d like for at least one of you to give it a try.

I am offering my friend, The Machine Embroidery Geek, the opportunity to be the first of her kind:  snarky.  Let it fly, girl.  I dare any of you darling embroidery folk to put this on a birthday party shirt:

I teach media studies classes at a local university. We spend a lot of time deconstructing the fonts, typefaces and colors of brand logos and ads in general. Can you imagine a Coca-Cola can blue? Or the UPS logo on a pink truck? Nope. Our brains are wired to associate certain colors and fonts with certain things.

That’s why I love this design – it is a tad snarky but educational at the same time. I wanted to submit this to my friend The Machine Embroidery Geek to see if she could do this. Wouldn’t this be a fun shirt? I also think it would be really fun on bathroom towels. It looks formal, but it’s still silly.

I tell my students that I am SO OLD that I remember when MTV actually played music videos. But in reality, I actually remember a day earlier than that: the day John Lennon was killed. So much of his work (and image) is cliche and iconic now…but I sure love this lemon. And I think he would like it, too.

Not saying you’d want to wear it to a Paul McCartney concert, but wouldn’t it be fun on a golf shirt? Certainly a fun way to get a conversation started. Now if we could just think of a fruit to associate with Yoko……

Well – thanks, Julie, for your wonderful ideas… I’ll be sure to get right on them.

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