Heart appliqué design with initials for a couple

By on May 4th, 2013
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My friend, Anna, is planning an 50th anniversary party for her parents this summer. She is currently pulling all her ideas together in a PowerPoint presentation that she is sharing with her three sisters who all live in different cities. It’s pretty impressive.

One of her ideas (oh I hope her parents aren’t reading this…) is to make a pillow with a graphic of her parent’s initials, “J + P”, written out inside of an outline of a heart as if they were carved on a tree.  Apparently her father frequently draws this graphic to represent: John loves Patricia.  How sweet is that? When she shared this idea, my first thought, of course, was, can I digitize this for you?

So that is exactly what I did and I think it turned out quite nicely.  It is an appliqué design but I did not use any appliqué fabric in this test stitching.  But I still think it looks great.  My only question is – include the arrow through the heart or no?  It’s looking a bit plain.  We’ll see what Anna thinks.

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