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How to make a cute retro flower personalized applique t-shirt for a birthday girl.

Hello from up in the air! I am on my way to Geneva, Switzerland to attend a work related conference. I am traveling by myself which means my little ones are being looked after by my husband and his parents. (thanks guys!) So last night getting ready to leave town I stayed up WAAAAYY too late getting things organized.

Of course while I am gone, my daughter, Adelaide, has a birthday party to attend, so I had to get a gift together. Fortunately I have a lot of materials around to allow me to embroider a gift like this when I am in a pinch. But what to make?

The recipient, a girl named Emmy, is a tricky one. She is a fantastic little athlete who runs circles around everyone on the soccer field. Nothing prissy or fussy would work for a kid like her.

So I decided once again to use my retro flower initial appliqué design and personalize a t-shirt for her. The twist? using a muted orange t-shirt with a lime and yellow fabric (from the Fabric Nosherie) for the flower appliqué. I did all the stitching in a bright orange. Sound random? It actually turned out pretty fantastic. (And as you know from yesterday’s post, I don’t say that about everything).

Want to know what else I was doing until 2am last night? Finishing other projects and digitizing and stitching out some new designs so that I have something to blog about while in Switzerland and France…just in case these places don’t inspire me.

Wait, is that even possible?

Groovy applique flower initial t-shirt
Groovy applique flower initial t-shirt

This design is now available on the Machine Embroidery Geek Store

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