I just spent $40 on a piece of trim at a Geneva fabric shop

By on April 12th, 2013
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There is nothing like a cute, independent fabric store that gets me to spend A LOT of money on fabric and notions. But at the same time – paying a lot for a special piece of fabric or notion is one way to make sure I actually use it.

Walking through the old city in Geneva this week, I discovered a quaint and beautiful fabric store. I wish I could tell you the name of it, but unfortunately (or fortunately) Swiss stores in historic areas do not employ bold American-style signage – so I missed getting the actual name of the store. (The area is not large – I am sure if you visit the old city in Geneva you could stumble upon it as well).

Like a bumbling American tourist, I “ooooohhhhhed” and “ahhhhed” my way through their offerings and tested the patience of my fellow travelers (see picture below). While the emphasis of the store was on traditional embroidery and cross stitching – I was still able to find a piece of sweet cotton printed fabric (perfect for appliqué) as well as the most elegant and embellished piece of trim that I am hoping to combine with a piece of silk a friend picked up for me from China years ago and is still sitting in my cabinet.

Even though this piece of trim is really to die for – I might have been able to pick up something like it back in the States. What I can’t buy is the memories of Geneva that I will always associate with this beautiful, expensive piece of trim.

fabric shopping in Geneva
Some of my friends love fabric shopping. Others, not so much!

2 thoughts on “I just spent $40 on a piece of trim at a Geneva fabric shop

  1. Oh my – I can SO relate….I just spent $98 on 4 skeins of hand-dyed, hand-spun alpaca wool that I might or might not make into 2 scarves for my twin daughters…yes, $98! But, in my defense, we did get to visit with the very alpacas that wool came from, and truth be told, I did get kissed by one of ’em! I am still in disbelief that I spent that much!!! But, I get it!

  2. You will NEVER regret buying that! And you will feel like a GODDESS whenever you wear it!! =) xo

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