“I love St. Louis” machine embroidery and appliqué design

By on September 1st, 2013
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I love STL
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My coworker, Bryan, recently became a new home owner, so I thought it would be nice to make him a little house warming gift. But what to give? I think guys can be tricky when it comes to embroidery gifts. But for Bryan I had the PERFECT idea! Bryan loves the Cardinals. I mean he LOVES the Cardinals.

I can’t remember where I saw a version of this design, because I didn’t take a picture of it when I first saw a t-shirt with a similar design, but clearly it made an impression of me. The idea to re-create it as an embroidery design has been stewing in my brain ever since I saw the t-shirt. I actually loved the idea so much that I told my father and sister about my idea to recreate the design. Both of their responses were, “Um…. I don’t really get it.”

But undeterred – I recreated the design using a random picture of a St. Louis Cardinal for the basis of my outline.  And it turned out great.  In fact, the picture within this post is my first attempt, and I think it turned out good enough to give as a gift.

Of course, as soon as I finished stitching out the design on the dishcloth, I had to send pictures to my dad and sister who both said…”oh! I get it now!!” And of course now they both want the towels. I am so crazy about how these turned out that I am sure I will be making quite a few… so if they want in, they better get in line!

I am sure there are very few readers out there who give 2 cents about the Cardinals – but I am wondering if a similar design could be made to show your love for other cities / teams… ideas?  I’d be happy to digitize.

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