“I love the St. Louis Cardinals” machine embroidered T-shirt – made from remnants in my sewing room.

By on October 7th, 2013
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If you live in a city where your baseball team is in the playoffs right now, you probably have a case of baseball fever. St. Louis is no exception. Serious baseball fever around here… and Cardinals fans are praying that it does not in tonight in Pittsburgh.

Last week at my daughters school, they encouraged all the kids to wear their Cardinals gear in celebration of the playoffs. My daughter, Adelaide, wore a pink shirt that day. When I asked why she didn’t wear red, or a Cardinals T-shirt, she told me “I don’t have any Cardinals gear… so I just wore pink…I figured it was close enough.”

Well that made me feel like a pretty crappy mother being that my poor daughter cannot even participate in Cardinals spirit day. Fortunately – I had the perfect solution and it was all sitting in my sewing room. I did not even need to run out and buy any supplies! In my sewing room I had a white t-shirt from Target in exactly her size. I also had my I love the Cardinals design already downloaded onto my sewing machine, and a scrap of red fabric for the cardinal.

Adelaide seem to be very excited about her new Cardinals T-shirt. Let’s just hope that she has opportunity to wear it tomorrow and the Cardinals are still in the playoffs.

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